The Sims 3 Apocalypse Challenge

The StoryEdit

For weeks, the powers that be in Twinbrook tried to cover up what the city's sewer system had done to the swamp. The original and very corrupt city planners, trying to cut corners and redirect funds into their own pockets, had skimped on building a proper water reclamation plant and just diverted all sewage to drain into the swamp. Over the years, sims taking baths and washing dishes resulted in massive amounts of soap being dumped into this delicate ecosystem. The ground and water became saturated with it. Ecological disaster that this was all on its own, it exacerbated the natural processes brewing under the wetlands. All the composting debris of raw sewage, old foliage and fish from the distant past caused an excess of methane and other volatile swamp gasses to accumulate right under all this pollution.

This would have not been a problem except for the soap residue that saturated the area making it impossible for this miasma of toxins to dissipate gradually into the atmosphere. One day, these gases broke to the surface in an immense bubble. Like all bubbles, once it got too big, it burst in a violent eruption. The concussive shock that was generated destroyed the nuclear power plants in the region, causing a cascading melt down that leaked tons of radiation into the countryside. This conflagration destroyed the entire region, sending Similization as we know it back to the dark ages and leaving the ground scorched and barren. Nearly all life for thousands of miles was wiped out.

You have been lucky. You managed to escape the cataclysm because you were away on an adventure vacation at the time. When you returned home, the Green Cross at the air port suggested you make your way to the nearest area where relief efforts were underway if you wanted to return to what was once your home. You don't know how you managed it, but you wandered until you found this sheltered, if desolate place, where civilization in the region can rebuild itself. If you are strong enough, if you are committed enough, you can lead the efforts. You and your family ...

Set Up Your NeighborhoodEdit

If you choose an EA world

  • remove all trees and pretty decorations from the neighborhood
  • remove all trees, flowers, shrubs, pools and decorations, from each house lot. Leave the interior intact - this is where your populace lives.
  • remove all trees, flowers, shrubs, pools, decorations, and skill objects from community lots. Break up the walls of community lot buildings so they look devastated by the apocalypse. DO NOT remove any ponds or spawners, however.
  • On all lots, repaint the terrain to appear dirt based or sand based.
  • Identify the largest lots available for purchase. You will need a 60x60 or 64x64 lot for your legacy family to build up.
  • If necessary, put several smaller lots within easy walking distance (as per the rules), near your home lot.
  • If necessary, put one community lot within easy walking distance (as per the rules) of your home lot. Designate this lot as a large park.
  • If necessary or desired, seed occult sims into the town so you will have fairies, witches, genies, werewolves, vampires and ghosts living near by
  • You may seed 10 supernatural families according to your founder preference

If you choose a custom, player made world

  • Choose a world that looks deserted,run down, lots of dirt and sand, very little green, as few trees as possible
  • Remove any trees or pretty decorations from the neighborhood
  • remove all trees, flowers, shrubs, pools and decorations, from each house lot. Leave the interior intact - this is where your populace lives.
  • remove all trees, flowers, shrubs, pools, decorations, and skill objects from community lots. Break up the walls of community lot buildings so they look devastated by the apocalypse. DO NOT remove any ponds or spawners, however.
  • Identify the largest lots available for purchase. You will need a 60x60 or 64x64 lot for your legacy family to build up.
  • If necessary, put several smaller lots within easy walking distance (as per the rules), near your home lot.
  • If necessary, put one community lot within easy walking distance (as per the rules) of your home lot. Designate this lot as a large park.
  • If necessary or desired, seed occult sims into the town so you will have fairies, witches, genies, werewolves, vampires and ghosts living near by
  • For EMPTY worlds - you may seed 10 supernatural families and 10 mundane families into the neighborhood
  • For populated worlds, you may seed 10 supernatural families according to your founder preference

Starting OutEdit

Choose any neighborhood that appeals to you - preferably one on a dirt or desert landscape - and create any sim you wish in CAS. You can make a male or female Young Adult with any set of attributes and any Lifetime Wish. Move your sim into any empty maximum size lot and use the Family Funds cheat, if necessary, to adjust your starting money to $8308 simoleons. There are several desert worlds available on the Exchange at The Sims 3 site. You MUST start from humble and desperate beginnings. MOST EA world 64 by 64 lots will cost $8192 so you will be left with $8308 to buy your stuff and build your house. If you cannot find an available 64 by 64 lot, or you don't have room to lay one down from the Edit Neighborhood options, then take the largest residential lot in your neighborhood and either use the Family Funds cheat to reduce your starting money to $8308 or purchase enough goods from the buy menu to reduce your funds and then place those items into the black hole ... ere Family Inventory box. You will never touch these items again, as long as the family exists. Once you have built and furnished your house (you will find a list of allowed items HERE), you must go to the book store or a book merchant register in the neighborhood and purchase at least 3 skill books.

  • You may purchase ANY and ALL skill books you like - you are not restricted to 3 items as per the Athletic restrictions for this shopping trip, but it is highly suggested you get the gardening books. All three will cost $1600 and will be invaluable if you get a job in Science before you clear Military, since you won't be able to go to the library. You may only purchase adult skill books, however.
  • You may not purchase the Bait books for learning fishing bait, recipes, the songs for instruments, pregnancy books, or any novels or children's "Jimmy Sprocket" books.
  • You may purchase the toddler skill books if you wish

Find a job using the news paper OR using a random method. If you choose the newspaper, you MUST take the first job available, no matter what it is (except for the Film career if you have Late Night - you may not take that job as a founder career). You may not choose any professions, nor may you register as self-employed. The only employment opportunities available are the traditional rabbit hole jobs.

If you decide to use a random method to choose your job, get a standard 6 sided dice like they use for Craps or Yatzee or find a program online that will generate a number between 1 and 6 for you - such as If you roll, say, a 3, you can choose between Science, Culinary or Fortune Teller. Go to the rabbit hole of your choice and get your job. You may only roll ONE TIME to determine what career you will have.


Business or Law Enforcement


Music or Education


Science, Culinary, or Fortune Teller


Journalism or Medical


Military or Criminal


Political or Athletic

  • You can either choose which of the two or more jobs your dice results give you the option for, or roll again to determine which of the two or three to take if you want to keep things very random.
  • On the first day of the challenge, you may go out around the neighborhood to get your job, buy your books and meet some sims. After this first day, you are under all restrictions for the challenge and you may not leave your lot until Military has been lifted except as specified. You MUST be back on your home lot by 6pm game time, though, and headed inside your house or a zombie hoard gets you and you lose the challenge out of the starting gate :P . No, really. A zombie hoard gets you.

  • Finally, you may start building your house. You must hold back enough money from your book shopping spree to AT LEAST make sure your sim is not going to be sleeping on the ground without a roof over their head. Anything you cannot build on this day due to lack of funds must be built in accordance to the Middle of Nowhere Rules as such …
  • With the exception of the very first day, you may only buy 1 item from the buy menu per sim day. You may buy any number of items on the lot’s very first day to get the house established.
  • Because it takes forever to get construction materials shipped to the house, you may only place 2 items of each type of item in the build menu per sim day. This means 2 squares of foundation, 2 wall sections, painting 2 wall sections, painting 2 squares, placing 2 squares of pool, placing up to 2 sets of stairs, placing 2 windows, etc. In other words, each item in the build menu is restricted to 2 units per sim day. For larger construction projects, you will have to build them over time, 2 sections a day. Ignore this restriction on the first day the family is in existence to get the house established.
  • You may play with ALL the middle of nowhere rules as stated in Pinstar's Legacy Challenge rules if you like, through the Apocalypse Challenge, though it is not mandatory. Here are the other two rules for Middle of Nowhere.
    • Because the family lives in the middle of nowhere, sims may not travel to any other lot via a cab. Sims may not take the normal carpool to work and child and teenage sims may not take the bus to school or work. Sims may ONLY travel to school, work and to community lots via their own cars, motorcycles, bicycles or brooms.
    • Items purchased by sims themselves, such as groceries, brooks, items purchased from the consignment store or potion store and food purchased from professional juice bars or food registers do NOT count against the 1 item per day limit. If you want more items on a sim day, have your sim pedal or drive to a store and buy the items there.

The Base RulesEdit

The following is a set of harsh restrictions the family must obey. Each set of restrictions is tied to a specific career field. When a sim reaches level 10 in that career field, that restriction is lifted. A single sim may only lift one restriction in their lifetime.

  • To lift all 27 of the Base Game restrictions, it will take 25 different Sims.
    • The Hopelessness and Alien Technology restrictions don’t count toward the 1-restriction-per-sim limit
    • Generations, Showtime and Supernatural add 3 more categories for a total of 30 restrictions requiring 28 sims
  • Only Sims part of the bloodline and the spouses to heirs who have ushered in the next generation (the heir to the previous heir is born) can unlock restrictions.
    • Adopted Sims, spouses to non-heirs, simbots, mummies and zombies cannot lift restrictions, therefore they cannot be moved into the family through ANY means, including purchasing the lifetime reward My Best Friend.
    • If you do not own Supernatural, ghosts cannot be moved into the house hold as playable sims.
    • If you DO have Supernatural, you may play an Occult legacy, including ghosts, vampires, fairies, genies, witches and werewolves. See those rules for more information.
  • The founder starts as a young-adult who has wandered and found themselves in this neighborhood.
  • On day one of the challenge, set your aging accordingly -
    • Baby 2 days
    • Toddler 4 days
    • Child 10 days
    • Teen 14 days
    • Young Adult 23 days
    • Adult 23 days
    • Elder 14 days.
  • Occult Sims will have different settings for their Adult life stages, depending on what occult you choose to play. Set their ages according to the rules for the Supernatural expansion.
  • Testing was done and the avarage length of time to clear ANY of the 13 starting careers is just about 39 days (days from starting as a YA to turning Elder is 50 days with the above settings).
    • You may have a floating 10 days aging off to be used at your discretion at any time during the challenge to help you over any hard bumps, like a family member being no more than 2 promotions away from clearing a career and they are likely to die before they can do it, or in case of a catastrophe, like your heir dying and the only family member available to make babies is the spare who needs to find a spouse right away, you have a chance to save your legacy. You must keep track of these floating free days, because once you have used them up, that's it. You must continue to play on the above adjusted aging thereafter.
  • The family lot must be on a desert or dirt tile set for their home lot.
  • When your founder starts in the challenge neighborhood, move them into the largest, most expensive empty lot in that world. If you can, go into Edit in Neighborhood and place a 64 x 64 lot as your starting lot. You may edit it to paint it sand or dirt color before you move your founder in.
  • The founder must take the first job in the paper on the day they move into the lot, or determine their job by random role of a 6 sided die and walk to the job site to gain employment. They may not quit this job if they see another job they prefer on subsequent days except as noted in certain categories. They have to keep this job till they reach level 10 in it or they are fired, they are late to work and must quit (it's cheating to be late on purpose so you can look for a new job) or they have to quit because they reach elder and their athletic is not at skill level 10.
  • If your family has broken any rule or restriction due to a rule change from future expansion packs, you do not fail the challenge.
  • Objects that were allowed that are no longer allowed due to a rule change may be sold via buy mode without penalty.
  • If an object has no value, (such as newspapers, certain books, old homework or dirty dishes), you may delete it, regardless of existing restrictions.
  • There must be no trees, flowers, shrubs rocks or decoration of any kind on the lot when you place it.
  • You may use the “level lot” tool before moving into your blank lot. There may be pre-built lots available on the exchange later on that comply with the starting rules of the challenge.
  • No sim in the household may sleep outdoors or on the ground, at any time. Even in a tent or a sleeping bag. They must either be in a bunker under the ground or on a foundation or in a house on stilts. On international adventures, the sim must be very creative. You may sleep in underground tombs or on the second story of buildings with walls placed at ground level.
  • All restrictions still in effect apply to sims on international adventures according to what has already been cleared. The calamity at home has spread around the globe and created chaos in distant foreign locals as well. This means that if you can travel to China, France or Egypt, you may have to be very canny about how you get around not sleeping on the ground or how you manage to keep fed, since you cannot buy food from stores and you may not store food in your inventory – not even adventure rations – unless those specific restrictions have been lifted. You CAN eat them as soon as you find them, however. You MAY also use shower in a can without any restrictions since it isn't dependent on city water supply, but you may not have more than 3 items in your inventory at any one time if you haven't cleared Athletic …. you get the picture.
  • Only Resident Townies (playable sims living in the houses around the greater neighborhood) and Townie NPCs (sims who are not moved into a playable home currently and who are not service sims) may join the family. You may not move in or marry the maid, the repair man, the butler, the mail person, the social worker, bouncers, mixologists or any other service NPC. Location Merchants MAY be befriended and moved in, however, as they are taken from resident townies who are currently unemployed.
  • If a townie you marry and move in has already reached the top of a career that has not previously been cleared at the time you move them in, that restriction is automatically lifted upon the birth of the next heir.
    • For Example, Sam Sim clears hopelessness and Science. He marries Sally Similie, who is already level 10 in military when he marries her. Once she births the next heir, Military restrictions are immediately lifted because she was already level 10 in the career when she entered the household, regardless of having to quit her job for pregnancy reasons.
  • If you are playing with a mod that allows same sex reproduction, chose at the very start of the challenge weather your heir or their spouse will be the ones acting as the carrier of the children. For the rest of the challenge you must stay consistent and do that for every generation.
  • If you install a downloaded world and use a neighborhood other than an EA authored world, OR a custom world that is pre-populated by the creator, you may move in 20 families (10 mundane and 10 occult) close to the area where your house is so you have neighbors immediately to interact with. Likewise, if the creator of the world has made a save file available for your use, you may use that. Be sure to note what day you start the challenge on if you use a save file since your time in game will reflect the save file time, not your actuall time playing the challenge. If you chose, you may opt to start in a blank neighborhood and allow Story Progression to fill things out. This is the hardest rout to follow as you won't have very many people to interact with at all for at least 3 generations.
    • (note: if you have played for 2 sim days and the game hasn't started generating sims to move into empty houses in your town, then you may go in and create your own townies as detailed above.) Use the "testingcheatsenabled true" and "freerealestate" cheats to move these sims in to their townie housing.
  • The ONLY Sims that may be moved into the Legacy family are Sims that will DIRECTLY contribute to the birth of the next heir. That means no spouse for spares unless something happens to the heir's children and the heir is unable to create more children with their spouse. Also assuming the spare still lives in the household. If he or she doesn't and the worst happens, the challenge ends right there.
  • Once sims put something in their family inventory, it stays there forever and may not ever be used again with the exception of items that automatically get placed there, like certain opportunity items (the shower or TV or stereo you have to fix), Career rewards, the Nectary or the Martial Arts items or the Time Machine when you first get them through normal game mechanics – unless you take it out and then put it back in to your family inventory. Then it gets sucked up the black hole.
  • If your sim gets a work or school opportunity pop up, they may not accept it unless its governing restrictions have been lifted OR it is an assignment to read a book, edit an article, or learn a recipe for their boss or do something that is not restricted by existing rules and un-lifted restrictions.
  • If a career has components that ask or require your sim to go out and amongst the neighborhood, you may not fulfill those requirements until Military has been lifted UNLESS you can fulfill that oportunity within eyeshot of your house (5 lots on either side of you without crossing any intersections).
  • There will be an optional score card published to this wiki soon. Until then, you may score your challenge by noting the number of days your family is in existence, then use the Legacy Challenge scoring rules as applicable.
  • Cheats, mods or hacked objects that would give you an unfair advantage over a player who didn’t have or use them may not be used. Of course, for every rule, there are exceptions ...
    • If you have stuck sims, you may use the "resetsim" cheat to unstick them.
    • If you have a townie stuck at work inside a rabbithole job and this situation persists for more than a game week, you may change households and get them out of that situation. Then immediately switch back to your legacy household without jeopardizing the challenge. Reset Sim doesn't seem to work in this situation. You may also try editing the community lot and deleting the rabbit hole and replacing it with a new one after the stuck sim is released from bondage in that lot. I'm not sure what to do yet for a townie stuck in an elevator as that has not yet worked for me.
    • You may use "testingcheatsenabeled true" to delete abandoned cars along the roads (alot of townies get stuck in these cars and would appreciate your help in freeing them from their imprisonment.)
    • You may alternately employ Twallen's Overwatch and Master Controller mods or Pescado's Awesome Mod to utilize the automated features of getting rid of the excess cars, unsticking stuck townies, evicting homeless and thus stuck sims from your neighborhood, and doing other background functions to improve the performance of your neighborhood. You may also use the story progression aspect of thier individual mods to ensure a reasonable story progression for your neighborhood if you do not like EA's story progression.

  • To win the challenge, you must lift all 28 restrictions
    • Alien Technology is not required to win the challenge.
    • The Hopelessness restriction is lifted as soon as your founder reaches level 10 in his or her chosen career.
    • If you have Generations, Showtime or Supernatural, you must clear those added restrictions as well.

Expansion Specific Rules WORLD ADVENTURES

All international travel will require the clearing of the following careers

  • Politics
  • Law Enforcement - International Super Spy
  • Law Enforcement - Dynamic DNA Profiler
  • Business

All un-lifted restrictions apply in Adventure locations


  • All Ambitions Professional Careers will require clearing Military and Law Enforcment - International Super Spy before they are available to your sims.
  • All Self Employment Careers will require clearing Military and Life of Crime - Master Thief before they are available to your sims
  • All Ambitions related Professions restrictions have an alternate method to clear them that do not require the Ambitions expansion. You will find the alternate method to clear these restrictions within the restriction category in question.FortuneTeller-Scam Artist is the category under which all paranormal restrictions are listed. Ghost Hunter is the Ambitions specific method to clear the category if you do not own the Supernatural Expansion Pack.


Housing Inspector

Descendant of Da Vinci

Master Painter


The Renaissance Sim

Fire Fighter

Volunteer Emergency Technician

Private Eye

Jack of All Trades


The Stylish Sim


The Film careers have an alternate method to clear them for those who do not own Night Life. As with the alternate methods to clear Ambitions restrictions, the method to clear the alternates for the Film careers is found within restriction category in question.


  • For those so inclined, turning your legacy sims into vampires can add some very interesting play to the challenge. However, several things need to be taken in to account if you decide on this course of action.
    • No marrying or moving in Vampires at all. You can still socialize with them, be friends, ask to be turned by and even woohoo with them, but you may not move them in to the household.
      • If you own Supernatural, you may start the challenge as a vampire, but you may not marry in any unturned sim from that point on - they MUST be or become vampires BEFORE they are moved in to the family.
    • Vampires in the family may not be cured until both Science AND Medical have been cleared.
      • If you own Supernatural, and you choose to run a vampire legacy, your heir must ALWAYS be a vampire.
    • Vampires must eat plasma fruit (or a meal made from it), drink from a plasma pack, or drink from a willing sim.
      • Plasma fruit may not be grown or purchased until Music-Symphonic, Science and The Amazing Naturalist have been cleared.
      • Willing sims (those sims your sim has a friendly relationship with) may only be invited over as per the Militaryrestrictions.
      • Willing sims on community lots may not be hunted and fed from until Culinary has been cleared.
      • You may only feed via plasma pack, plasma fruit or willing sim once per sim day prior to Culinary being lifted.
      • You may not put plasma fruit in the fridge until Culinary has been cleared. You may store it on a shelf or under the foundation of your house if you don't have room in your inventory, however.
      • Pulling a plasma pack out of the fridge or preparing a meal with plasma fruit, or pulling a plasma fruit out of the fridge counts as the family's one meal of the day if Culinary restrictions are still in place.
      • Sims may not keep plasma fruit in their inventory if The Amazing Naturalist has not been cleared.

Keep all these things in mind before you decide to have your sim turned.


A new, short career is added with Generations - Day Care , along with many new objects, actions and life events.

  • There will be no alternate clearings for Day Care as all the game interactions and options affected by that career are SPECIFIC to Generations. Anything with a general application will be placed into other categories.
  • Amended rules affecting things like forced days off for death of someone in the household, graduation, marriage, etc.
    • The requirement to quit your job due to pregnancy remains the same
    • Other life events that force days off will require you to have a friends or higher relationship with your boss to keep your job.
  • Day Care Profession
    • Will only restrict Generations specific interactions
    • Is rather short, you can only go to level 5 of the profession
    • Will be required for being able to hire a babysitter if you own generations
    • Will NOT have a base game alternative clearing method.


Pets brings some great new options, actions and fun to the game.

  • You can start the challenge with either a cat or a dog added in CAS to your household- just one pet.
  • Feeding that pet constitutes your family's 1 meal of the day, so plan accordingly.
  • You may not train your animal to hunt things for you until Military and Education have been cleared.
  • You may not own a horse till Politics and Military have been cleared.
  • You may not ride a horse, nor may you train your horse to jump or run tillAthletics is cleared.
  • You may not adopt a pet using the phone, computer or newspaper. If you adopt a pet, it must be a stray.
  • Pet toys may not be purchased until Descendant of DaVinci is cleared.
  • Buying anything from the Ice Cream Truck is restricted until Business and Culinary is cleared. (likewise the food truck from Late Night)
  • You may not buy the bird cage or bird branch table or the various cages for small animals - nor may you stock them with any kind of bird or small pet until Naturalist is cleared.
    • Exception, sims attempting to clear The Amazing Naturalist may purchase the basic cages for birds and animals in order to fulfill requirements for the category.
  • You may not breed your pets until Naturalist has been cleared. Our furry friends seem to be more susceptible to the radiation than simkind is ...
  • Elder restrictions also apply to pets as they age.
  • You may not give your pet a bath, even for fleas, until Medical has been cleared.
  • The Unicorn may not be befriended or moved in to your family at all, ever.
  • You may not ask the Unicorn to bless you.
  • You may not have the Unicorn mate with any horses you own.
  • No getting plastic surgery at the hospital until Film - Actor and Medical are cleared.
  • You may not purchase or use the Kitty Tower (big, multilevel scratch post/sleeping platform) until Architect and Businesshave been cleared.
  • The new candle lanterns in the lighting menu are allowed from the beginning of the challenge, since they do not require electricity.
  • New furnishings must comply with base game standards as noted.

Pet Life Span - for dogs, cats AND horses

  • 2 days for baby stage
  • 25 days for adult
  • 15 for elder


  • The Awsome Performer self employment career will restrict showtime interactions.
  • Law Enforcement-Super Spy must be cleared before you can send your sim through simport or accept a sim into your neighborhood from your friends.
  • The chin up bar is unrestricted and may be purchased, placed on the lot and used any time.
    • The bar is larger than 1 square, so it can't be moved till Athletic is cleared.
  • The Golf putter is restricted by Athletic (and if we keep to the original TS2 rules, by Business also ... but I don't think we'll go that far).
  • You MAY move Divas in since that is a personality trait now, rather than an economic class in the game.

More information will become available as I play the expansion more. The Awesome Performer restriction category is currentlyunder play testing.


This expansion brings us many fun, new ways to play the expansion - from choosing a founders occult status, to learning to make elixirs and read fortunes. There are several considerations for the player.

  • IF you decide to make an OCCULT type sim you must stick with THAT type of occult throughout the entire challenge.
  • Occult sims MAY socialize with any other sim type, and Humans MAY socialize with Occult sims.
  • You may ONLY marry in your same occult type into the family
  • You are allowed to transform your intended spouse into your occult type, barring governing restrictions on elixirs or magic spells. Consider this wisely if you choose genie or witch as your occult type as they rely on spells and elixirs to do the transformation, rather than an innate ability.
  • If your sims give birth to a sim that is NOT of the founder's occult type, that other type sim may NOT become the heir. However, they may lift restrictions since they are in the bloodline.
    • If restrictions governing elixirs are lifted, you MAY transform the sim in question into the correct occult type to carry on the legacy.
  • You must set your life span according to your occult status. Regardless of what other occult or mundane sim is born into your house hold, you must stick to these age settings for your entire legacy.
    • Vampires and fairies
      • Young Adult 5 days
      • Adult 5 days
      • Elder 3 days.
    • Genies
      • Young Adult 12 days
      • Adult 12 days
      • Elder 10 days
    • Werewolves
      • Young Adult 16 days
      • Adult 16 days
      • Elder10 days
    • Witches and Ghosts
      • Young Adult 23 days
      • Adult 23 days
      • Elder 14 days.
  • There is a new Rabbit Hole Career option. Fortune Teller has two branches, Scam Artist and Mystic.
    • Fortune Teller - Scam Artist will provide the main clearing for the old Paranormal category, which has been renamed to reflect the new expansion. There are two alternate clearing methods for this category. Ghost Hunter, for those with Ambitions and Paranormal Profiteer, for those who do not own Ambitions.
    • Fortune Teller - Mystic is the other branch of the new Rabbithole career and it has it's own category that is specific ONLY to Supernatural actions, objects and options.

Consider carefully what type of Occult you want to play as some will be harder to nurse through the beginning stages of an Apocalypse than others, and even with seeding, you might have trouble finding an appropriate spouse.



The Categories


Prerequisites - NONE

“It is better to light a single candle than to curse the darkness.”

The physical effects of the nuclear winter are clear, but it is only half of the devastation. The damage to the population’s mindset and willpower has also been great. People are starting to give up hope and despair has begun to set in. People have no motivation to band together or leave the shelters they have made.

  • You cannot move in or marry in any Sims at all until this has been cleared.
  • You may only chose a job located at one of the rabbit hole buildings - 14 total if you own all expansions, 12 if you own either Ambitions OR Nightlife, 11 if you only own the Base Game plus or minus World Adventures.
  • You may not buy ANY lifetime rewards with points at all.

Once your founder reaches the top of a career, (ANY of the 13 rabbit hole careers, it doesn't matter which), he or she shows the region that the worst is over, and that things can and will begin to get better. A few Sims are even willing to risk traveling the streets to be with the regions new and only ray of hope. You may move-in/marry spouses for your founder and future heirs and redeem reward points (within the restrictions that have been lifted). You are still restricted to moving in only those who will contribute to the next generation.

Note: Even after Hopelessness is lifted, and for the rest of the challenge, You are still restricted to moving in only those who will contribute to the next generation. That means Spares may not marry or move anyone in unless THEY become the heir or unless something happens to the heir's children and the heir and his/her spouse are too old or incapable of having more children.(ie the old heir dies, all their children also die. The old heir's spouse cannot remarry and continue the legacy because they themselves are not part of the blood line. The spare must step up to the plate, get married and continue the bloodline. That is, of course, if the spare still lives on the lot. If there is no spare and all heirs die – the challenge ends.)


Prerequisites - Ambitions Expansion

"Earthlings are seen as quite primitive. It is a culture that still thinks digital watches were a pretty nifty idea. Pathetic."

Sim City has been using Alien Technology for over a decade, gained from the crashed remains of an alien saucer. When the labs and factories that held this technology were destroyed in the blast, the secrets of their manufacture and operation were lost.


  • BASE GAME - Necessity Is The Mother Of Invention alternate rules
    • Prerequisites - None
    • Sims remember the fantastic devices of yesteryear. Your family is dedicated to bringing back such artifacts as the Food Replicator and the Collection Helper to the benefit of the entire region. However, it is not an undertaking any one sim can accomplish. As the years pass, each successive generation gets closer to the goal of an easier life for all sims.
    • With as few sims as you can, complete the following list
      • Clear Science
      • Clear Military
      • Clear Medical
      • Clear Cooking
      • Clear Athletic
      • Complete all Athletic Skill Challenges
      • Complete all Charisma Skill Challenges
      • Complete all Collection Skill challenges
      • Complete all Cooking Skill Challenges
      • Complete all Fishing Skill Challenges
      • Complete all Gardening Skill Challenges
      • Complete all Guitar Skill Challenges
      • Complete all Handiness Skill Challenges
      • Complete all Logic Skill Challenges
      • Complete all Painting Skill Challenges
      • Complete all Writing Skill Challenges
    • With the combined effort of many sims in the family, over generations, the secrets of the old Alien Technology have been revealed and the restrictions governing the use of these fantastical devices have been lifted.
    • To lift this restriction requires narrowly survive being hit by a giant meteor, or to be present with a surviving family member when another sim of the household is struck by the meteor. This can occur on either a community lot or a home lot. The meteor must then be collected, and a sim must Tour the Science Facility with the meteor in their inventory.
    • If Military restrictions are not yet lifted, the meteor may be stored on the home lot in accordance with existing restrictions and taken to the science lab by future generations.
    • A sim fulfilling this restriction can still fill one of the other main restrictions and even Hopelessness, if you get so lucky.
    • You do not have to lift this restriction in order to complete the challenge.
  • PETS

The study of the alien materials in the meteorite enables several rapid breakthroughs in previously unknown fields of science, with associated technological breakthroughs. The Alien Technology restrictions are lifted.


Prerequisites - NONE

“Only the strong survive”

The radiation in the air weakens muscles and bones. As a result, muscle degeneration has set in. Even simple physical tasks have become impossible.


    • Any item that takes up more than one square or two half squares may not be moved or placed back into inventory once placed on the lot.
    • Sims may not sell Buy Mode objects that are larger than 1 square except for items you need to sell to make rent OR items you are selling and buying back to satisfy Criminal - Emperor of Evil restrictions. (You may still move and delete Build Mode objects, regardless of size.)
    • You may not purchase the Weight bench or the tread mills from buy mode.
    • Sims may not use exercise equipment on community lots or at other sims' homes
    • Sims may not go to the gym.
    • Sims may not perform the “Leap in arms” interaction.
    • Sims may carry no more than 3 items in their inventory at any one time, with the exception of career specific items (ghost hunter paraphernalia, fingerprint kit, stylist and architect portfolios, beepers etc because they cannot be moved).
    • Items received as celebrity perks must be left in family inventory.
    • Earned skill master plaques must be placed on the lot or in the sim's family inventory.
    • Career reward items (like the Minus 1 Kelvin refrigerator or the police cruiser) may be taken out of family inventory and placed on the lot once their individual restrictions have been lifted. They may not be moved after they have been placed if they are larger than 1 square or 2 half squares.
    • Sims may not attend sporting events or participate in the Amateur Olympics.
    • The only objects that may be used to build athletic skill are a television and a radio and (future expansions may open up new allowed objects)
    • If a spouse moves in with more than three items in their inventory, you must downsize them immediately upon moving them in. Any items whose restrictions have not been lifted must be placed into family inventory for the remainder of the challenge.
    • Sims may not learn the Martial Arts skill nor may they purchase the Martial Arts training dummy or the board breaker.
    • Sims may not Zeneport to places. (Also Restricted by Military.)
  • PETS
    • Sims may not join the Acrobat Career
    • Sims may not purchase or use the Executive Putter
    • Sims MAY purchase and use the Chin Up bar
    • Sims may not purchase Fast Metabolism or Body Sculptor (also restricted by Alien Technology) lifetime rewards.

Once a sim joins the hall of fame from the “Mutant League Football” arena, they invent new training techniques to overcome the muscle degeneration set in by the disaster. All Athletic restrictions are lifted.


Prerequisites - Ambitions Expansion, Military and Business

“A doctor can bury his mistakes but an architect can only advise his clients to plant vines. “ Frank Lloyd Wright

The nuclear meltdown and resulting steam explosion contaminated the local area, including the buildings. Their structural integrity lost, many buildings simply collapsed while others were condemned due to heavy radiation. As the survivors cling to life, they resort to building basic shelters to protect themselves from the elements. Without proper knowledge of building safety requirements, these shelters were kept as simple as possible to avoid risk of collapse. Making do with scraps of wood, carpet, metal, mortar, and bricks, survivors no longer dream of building beautiful abodes. As they rebuild, rumors of hidden meeting places pass from one to another and that the famous architect Howard Brady may have survived the explosion.

Your sim decides to fix the situation and embarks on a career path to restore the beauty and utility of well built architecture to the region so that sims everywhere may have spectacular homes.


  • BASE GAME - HOUSING INSPECTOR alternate rules
    • Prerequisites - Business and Politics cleared
    • "A Doctor can bury his mistakes. All an architect can do is plant vines." Frank Lloyed Wright
    • Sims may quit their present job at the required job level to obtain a job in the next required job even if Master Thief restrictions have not yet been lifted
    • One sim in your family is deeply concerned by the deplorable state of the houses in this town. They are broken down and some are even dangerous to live in. People have shoddy furniture, poor fitting window fixtures and exposed wiring. Your sim KNOWS they can make a difference, so they set out to do just that
      • ====All Architect restrictions are placed into this alternate category.====
      • ====Reach level 10 in Handiness, Painting, Writing and Charisma====
      • ====Write 1 hit Non Fiction Book====
      • ====Reach level 5 in both Business and Politics careers====
    • Your sim has worked hard to ensure the safety of sim houses around the town. They have helped residents build new and better furniture, fix faulty wiring, and they have EVEN helped people procure some decent decorative things to make their living space more comfortable. However, your sim knows they must confront the city council about their stinginess in making mass goods available. In a dramatic showdown at a city wide Town Hall meeting, your sim presents their extensive research and exposes the penurious attitude of one of the senior council members and publicly shames the council in to allowing business to stock and sell all manner of home improvement items. Housing Inspector restrictions are now lifted.
    • If you choose to recolor an object, you must use the most worn, cracked or faded options available. There is no option for spiffy, shiny and new looking objects.
    • Sims may not purchase anything with an environment score over 2
    • Sims may not purchase anything with a comfort score over 4
    • Sims may not purchase buy mode objects over $500 in price
    • Sims may not have any but the cheapest appliances available.
    • Sims may not have fire places
    • Sims may not use any curtains, rugs or picture frames.
    • Decorative build items (flooring, wall covering, fences, etc) must be the most basic, least expensive options. (list forthcoming)
    • Sims may not paint paving stones on the lot
    • Sims may only use the Survival Window.
    • The only item from the Decorative tab that may be placed is the cheapest mirror.
    • No space completely enclosed by wall elements is allowed on a community lot except for rabbit hole buildings - they are objects and thus not covered under this rule. But any building you do on those rabbit hole lots MUST comply. Rabbit hole buildings may also be placed in basements.
    • You may build up to the maximum level of basements- 4 levels.
    • You may not build on more than three floors above ground. You may have an accessible flat roof and place items there, and you may have a roof supported by posts above that to comply with Music restrictions. Basements do not count against this rule, but driveways do. If you have a driveway placed, it counts as the first floor of your building.
    • Houses must be supported by at least four stilts or foundation materials.
    • You may not use building cheats. MoveObjects may only be used to fix glitches.
    • Only Sims currently in the Architecture or Stylist careers may use the Drafting Table.
    • You may not place more than 2 items from each build mode category per day (2 wall sections AND 2 squares of paint AND 2 sections of flooring, etc. per the Middle of Nowhere Legacy handicap).
      • Deleted items count against the daily limit.
      • Ignore this rule on the first day of the challenge unless you have purchased a pre-built lot.
      • You may use Auto Roof on a pre-built lot on the first day to replace the roof with a flat one, but after that you may not use it at all.
      • Sims in the Architecture career may ignore this rule while they are remodeling clients' houses. It is assumed that the clients have arranged the delivery of everything you need to make over their homes.
  • PETS

Once a great architect rises in the family, blueprints are drawn up to create safer homes for the survivors. With the construction company the architect started up, sights are set on rebuilding the community areas damaged by the catastrophe. While the region is being rebuilt, Howard Brady reveals himself to the public; bringing with him his engineering prowess. Together with the newly arrived City Planner, the region begins to make use of the quality building supplies stashed at formerly secret locations. The Architecture Restrictions are lifted.


Prerequisites - None

“Your money is no good here”

The chaos in the region set off by the power plant explosions has broken down the basic economic fabric of society. The value of a Simolean varies wildly from place to place. All major markets have destroyed or looted dry. With the economy of the region in shambles, people are unwilling to ‘go shopping’. The only thing that sells well are stories from survivors, as media outside the region is hungry to know what happened and what it is like to live in such a land.


    • Your Sims may not become business partners with or purchase any community lots or vacation homes.
    • You may not sell buy mode items, items you received as celebrity perks, crafted items, fruits, vegetables or fish via the buy or build tab, through the consignment shop, or at the grocery store. (You may still sell build mode items, such as walls, windows and stairs)
    • Your Sims may not use the “sell” interaction with objects (such as completed paintings, or workbench items)
    • Your Sims *are* allowed to finish writing novels and collect the royalties.
    • Your Sims may not hire service Sims of any kind.
    • Due to broken supply chains, sims may only use the sculptor's bench or the inventor's work bench or the easel to make one item per sim day (only one of these objects may be used per day).
    • Also due to broken supply chains, sims are restricted to only the cheapest, most readily available goods on the market. There just AREN'T any high quality things available.
      • exception - you may purchase the next cheapest TV, the one after the Old Timey TV, as it can be upgraded to receive the Fishing Channel.
    • Your sim may not register as self employed.Your sim may not buy books from the book store or items from the consignment shop.
    • Ghost Hunters may sell spirits to the science facility
  • PETS
    • Sims may not purchase Vacationer, Bookshop Bargainer, Professional Simoleon Booster, Haggler, Suave Seller or Entrepreneurial Mindset lifetime rewards

Once an economic leader from the family rebuilds the economic structure of the region, the business restrictions are lifted. Sims are alos no longer restricted to limited buying.

Comforting ChildrenEdit

Prerequisites - None

"Grandma, look at the picture I painted for you!"

The combination of stress of living in fallout with the lingering radiation in the air has had a terrible effect on the minds of the elderly. Older minds decay faster and senility sets in early and badly. Surviving to elder hood in this new world is both a blessing and a curse.

To lift this restriction, A child sim of the blood line, whilst still a child must embark on the following quest:

  • Reach level 5 in painting before aging up to Teen.
  • Paint a picture of a family member doing something (do this by selecting paint still life and select a member of the household in some daily task as your still life subject) before aging up to Teen.Have a Good Friends relationship or better with any elder in the neighborhood before aging up to Teen.
    • If your parent is an elder and you have a high relationship with them, you can satisfy both the requirement to paint a picture of a family member doing something AND your requirement to paint a portrait of an elder friend at the same time.
  • Reach level 5 in writing before aging up to Young Adult
  • Reach level 10 in painting before aging up to Young Adult
  • Paint a portrait of your sim's elder good friend before aging up to Young Adult.
  • Reach level 10 in writing before aging up to Adult
  • Paint at least one masterpiece before aging up to Elder.
  • Write at least one Hit and 5 Best Sellers before aging up to Elder.
  • Earn at least 4000 a week in book royalties before aging up to Elder.


    • Once any Sim grows into an elder, you may no longer issue any direct commands to them, nor cancel any of their actions. You may still cancel actions that would otherwise break another restriction (such as playing computer games). You may also direct an elder to quit their job if they happen to miss a day of work with the Master Thief restriction still in effect.
    • Other sims may direct elders by calling them a meal, asking them to watch TV or play chess, cuddle on the bed, etc.
  • PETS

Once a bright and precious child produces a touching portrait of a family member and then goes on to stunning heights of creativity before the detrimental effects of the harsh conditions can squelch thier inspirational flame, they help the house’s elderly and all future generations of elders in the family, to shake off the dementia and take a grasp on their sanity. Reading the inspirational childrens' tales and seeing the amazing illustrations produced by this sim heals the mental and emotional damage done to the minds of the elders. They are slowly helped out of their cloud of senility and brought back to reality by their youthful and young at heart friends. The Comforting Children restriction is lifted.

NOTE: This restriction remains permanently lifted even after the child grows old and dies. This is the ONLY restriction this particular sim is allowed to lift.


Prerequisites - NONE

"Nice place you have. I'd hate to see anything bad happen to it."

The local organised crime family has taken advantage of the lawlessness in the region to set up a protection racket. Joey "The Comb" and his goons force people to pay hefty sums to ensure nothing "bad" happens to what few possessions they have left. While some try to fight the mob, most just give in and pay.


    • Choose one of the following methods:
      • Method I: Sell And Rebuy
        • Once per week, by midnight each Monday your sims must sell off all replaceable items on their lot and in their inventory, and replace them with the exact same item. The "Protection Money" is the loss of depreciation. You must do this weekly, starting 7 days after you begin the lot. You do not have to do this on the first Monday.
        • A "replaceable item" is any item that can be purchased in the buy menu.
        • If you do not have enough money to replace all of your items, you must buy back as many as you can. You must pay protection on items, even if you cannot use them yet.
        • You do not have to replace any items that are worth $100 retail ($40 fully depreciated) or less, as the mob doesn't care about small stuff like that.
        • If the Fortune Teller - Scam Artist restriction is cleared, you do not have to sell and buy back your beds.
        • You do not have to sell and buy back the Back to School book case.
      • Method II: Track And Adjust
        • Instead of replacing items on the lot each week as for Method I, instead keep a running tab of every item you buy from day 1, except for the Back To School Book case. Write down the cost of everything over $100.
        • Add the value of any paintings, sculptures, or inventions you have made.
        • Add the value of any items your kleptomaniac sims might bring home.
        • Once per week, pay 60% of this total using the family funds cheat.
        • If you do not have enough funds to pay the entire bill, you must use method I.
        • When you add new buy-mode objects over $100 to the lot, add their retail value to your total.
        • Right after you pay protection on them, you may throw objects into the family inventory, but they must stay there for the remainder of the challenge if you do.
        • Objects put into inventory mid-week still need to have protection paid on them for the week.
        • If the Fortune Teller - Scam Artist restriction is cleared, you do not have to factor in the cost of beds.
      • Method III: Track And Use Family Inventory
        • As for Method II above. But instead of using the family funds cheat, purchase an item from the buy tab (or several items) rounding up to the nearest simoleons worth of items. For example, if you owe 4540 simeoleons of protection, you will purchase an item (or items) adding up to 4540 simoleons or more.
        • After purchasing and placing on the lot, put it immediately into Family Inventory. It will stay there forever, never to be taken out again.
      • Method IV: Furnished/Unfurnished Comparison (developed by AudryFld)
        • In buy or build mode, the "unfurnished" value of the house includes such "permanent" fixtures as lights, cabinets, plumbing fixtures, and indoor appliances; the "furnished" value includes everything else at its depreciated value. This method does not exclude items bought from the Commissary nor items under $100 in value, but this is balanced by excluding these permanent fixtures.
        • Each week, take the difference between the furnished and unfurnished value of the lot. This is the depreciated value of "buy mode" items. Multiply this by 60% and you have the approximate difference between the original cost of those items and the current value; this is the protection money that must be paid to the mob. Use the family funds cheat to reduce your funds by this amount; if you have insufficient cash, you must delete one or more items until you can pay.
        • Optionally you can exclude the cost of beds if theFortune Teller - Scam Artist restriction is cleared.
  • PETS
    • Sims may not purchase the Opportunistic or Stone Hearted Lifetime Rewards.

Once a member of the family rises to the top of the underworld, they become part of the 'family'. While they do not get a cut of the profits, they no longer have to pay any protection money - the Criminal Mastermind restrictions are lifted.

Criminal - Master ThiefEdit

Prerequisites - NONE

"White hot iron, red hot iron, cold black iron. An iron taste and iron smell, and everywhere an iron sound." - Bleakhouse

With government regulators unable to enforce fair labour laws and the remaining businesses able to mistreat their workers who are desperate to keep their jobs, standards of employment have gone down the drain.


    • While at work, sims may not slack off or sleep - they must choose one of the other options available to them.
    • Sims may not take unpaid time off.
    • Service sims may not be hired (also restricted by Business and Law Enforcement - International Super Spy).
    • Sims may not hire or fire employees for owned rabbit hole venues.
    • If you get an opportunity pop-up to change jobs you are allowed to take it if you wish.
    • Sims must take the first job in the paper on the first day of the challenge, or else use the alternate rule and randomly determine their job.
    • Subsequent sims may take the first job in the paper on the first day they look for a job. If this career track has already been cleared, or if there is a household member currently in the process of clearing this career track, then the sim may take the second job (or the third, if the second job has also been cleared/is being cleared).
      • If Science has been cleared, sims may choose to use the computer instead of the newspaper. If they do so, they must still take the first job on offer that has not been cleared (and is not currently being cleared). They may not check the computer and the newspaper and pick between them; the only exception would be if the sim used the newspaper first and all three jobs were already cleared or were in the process of being cleared.
      • If Military has been cleared, you may use the random method to find a job. If you roll an option where one of the choices has already been cleared (or is currently being cleared), you automatically get the one that hasn't. If you roll an option where both choices have already been cleared, you can roll again. For example, if you roll and get 1, the options are Business and Law Enforcement. If Business has already been cleared, you must take the Law Enforcement job. If Business and Law Enforcement - Dynamic DNA Profiler have both been cleared but Law Enforcement - International Super Spy has not, you must still take Law Enforcement and then choose the Special Agent branch at level 6. If Business and both Law Enforcement branches have been cleared, you may roll again.
    • Only Young Adults and Adults may get new jobs, careers, or self employment opportunities.
      • Elders and Teens may not get new employment of any kind.
      • Elders and Teens may still sell fish, vegetables, or /paintings if Business has been lifted, and they may collect royalties on books they write.
      • When a sim turns into an elder they may continue to work if they choose and they comply with existing restrictions.
        • Elders may quit work (even though Young Adults and Adults may not) since they are not allowed to retire.
        • If Law Enforcement - Dynamic DNA Profiler has not been cleared, Elders must have an Athletics skill of 10 to continue working.
        • If Comforting Children has not been cleared, Elders may not be given any commands at all - to either start doing something or stop doing something (except to keep them breaking a rule). If they manage to get to work without being late, let them keep working. If they are late or miss work entirely for any reason, they must quit their job. That is the only command you can give them.
    • If a sim misses a single day of work for any reason (including pregnancy) they must quit their job. Because pregnancy receives a mandatory 4 work days off to raise the tyke, it is recommended that you choose to have children either before entering the work force or after you have cleared your job.
      • See EXCEPTIONS under the Generations category.
    • If a sim loses employment in a career for any reason (quitting or being fired) they may never take a job in that career again.
    • Sims may not quit jobs without good reason; they must be fired outright, be late for work, have a pregnancy that forces them to miss a day, or age up into an elder with less than 10 Athletics points (assuming Comforting Children and Law Enforcement - Dynamic DNA Profiler have been lifted). It is considered cheatingif you purposely make your sim late for work in order to quit the job, and similarly cheating to deliberately arrange to get fired by having rotten moods to lower job performance. It is difficult to stay happy, but you should avoid deliberately going to work with a mood 'in the red'. Cheating in any of these or similar ways means that you lose the challenge.
    • Elders and Teens may not be Self Employed, though they may still collect book royalties (or, if Business has been lifted, sell paintings, sculptures, inventions, fish, or vegetables). The union bosses don't like it.
    • If you work from home as Self Employed (as a writer, painter, etc), you may ignore the restriction about needing to give up work if you miss a day.
    • Elders and Teens may not seek employment by moonlighting as a Mixologist, nor by playing in a band.
    • When you are forced into days off for life events (marriage, death in the family, graduation), you must quit your job UNLESS you have a friends relationship or higher with your boss. You have until the end of the time off period to raise the relationship high enough to keep your job.
    • Pregnant sims must still quit their jobs if their pregnancy forces time off during normal work days.
  • PETS
    • Sims may not purchase the Professional Slacker Lifetime Reward

Once a sim from the family follows the path of Robin of Loxley, they expose the corruption of the town's officials in a grand public display on the courthouse steps. Little do they know that the federal labour enforcement agents are also in attendance. Confronted by the federal agents, the labour leaders agree to follow the proper labour laws. The Criminal - Master Thief restrictions are lifted.


Prerequisites - None

“Hunger is the best spice”

The gas lines and power grid have been severely damaged. Running a gas stove or electric appliance carries too much of a risk. The radiation levels are too high to risk using a microwave either. Food is scarce. The quality of the food the Sims can get is very poor and can bring illness to some. Coffee is now scarce in the region due to supply cuts. Fresh food is non-existent.


    • Sims may not purchase or use anything from the “Ovens” or “Small appliances” category except for the cheapest grill and the cheapest refrigerator.
    • Sims may only prepare food once per sim day. Once any sim has prepared food, no other may do so for the rest of the day. A sim making a one-serving meal counts. (An easy way to keep track of this restriction is to turn the fridge backwards after a sim has taken food from it, and keeping it that way until midnight or place it in a room by itself and lock the door to everybody. Open it again at midnight)
      • If ghosts raiding your fridge become a problem, build a "closet" for your refrigerator. Make a 1 square by 2 square space for your fridge to sit in. When you turn it toward the wall to keep your sims out of it, there will not be enough space in the "closet" for ghost sims to open the door.
    • The founder may only have quick meals or peanut butter sandwiches until Hopelessness is lifted and the spouse is moved in.
      • Sims may only prepare group meals if there are more than 1 sim living on the lot. You may only make one group meal OR one quick meal per sim day. This means you can't feed visitors if you only have enough to feed your family - they have to go home and starve for themselves.
      • If an heir outlives both their parents, and they are the only one left on the lot, and they have not yet moved in a spouse, they can only eat quick meals or peanut butter sandwiches from the fridge until such time they do move in a spouse.
    • Sims may NOT put leftovers back in the fridge
    • Sims may not stock fish or vegetables in the fridge, even if The Amazing Naturalist has been cleared.
    • Sims may not prepare or eat Autumn Salad, even if amazing naturalist has been cleared.
    • Sims may not buy food at the grocery store.
    • Sims may not use the Picnic Basket or the Buffet Table.
    • Sims may not use the fire pit to roast marshmallows, fish, vegetables or hot dogs.
    • Sims pulling out baby bottles does NOT count against this limit and may be done as many times per day as needed.
    • Feeding a toddler baby food in the high chair DOES count against the daily limit, however.
    • Sims may not prepare, purchase or eat food on community lots.
      • You may not grill food at the park or beach
      • You may not eat at diners, bistros or restaraunts
    • You may not use the “Delivery” menu on the phone to order Pizza or Chinese food.
    • Sims may not hold food in inventory. Fish and vegetables are considered food. You have 8 sim hours after catching fish or harvesting vegetables to remove those items from your inventory by selling them, putting them in a storage chest or setting them on the ground if you can't sell items yet.
    • Sims may not purchase or use the birthday cake.
    • Sims may not deliver food - either fresh fish, fresh harvested vegetables or prepared servings of any recipe to townies or NPC's.
    • Feeding any fish in bowls on the lot COUNTS as the family's one meal of the day.
    • Child sims may not use the toy oven to make baked goods..
    • Sims may not purchase food from food merchant registers
    • Sims may not "Make Drinks" at juice bars, nor may they learn the Mixology skill or moonlight as mixologists.
    • Sims may not get food from professional juice bars.
  • PETS
    • Feeding any pets (dogs, cats, horses, or any of the small pets) counts as the family's one meal of the day.
    • You MAY purchase the ever full hay bale that does not need to be replenished for your horses.
    • Sims may not use the food replicator lifetime reward, nor may they purchase Hardly Hungry or Discount Diner lifetime rewards.

Once a culinary master emerges from the household, they invent new ways to preserve food, and better ways to cook the new genetically engineered food. They have learned to rewire home appliances so they can be used again. They also open up supply chains to coffee growers. All culinary restrictions are lifted.

Day CareEdit

Prerequisites - Generations Expansion, Military and Law Enforcement - International Super Spy

"A person's a person, no matter how small." Dr. Seuss

As families begin having children in this crisis, they realize they need someone to look after the little tykes while they go to work. They look outside their own household to help them raise their kids while they grub for a living. One dauntless sim in the family takes on the challenge of creating a warm, inviting and stimulating environment to help toddlers and children grow up to be responsible and productive sims.


    • Children and Teen sims may not do after school activities (also restricted by Education)
    • Children and Teen sims may not go to boarding school (also restricted by Education, Military, Politics, Law Enforcement - Dynamic DNA Profiler and Law Enforcement - International Super Spy)
    • Children and Teen sims may not may not play in or own tree houses (also restricted by The Amazing Naturalist)
    • Sims may not play on the playground, ride the playground horse or play in the sand. (also restricted by Descendant of Da Vinci)
    • Sims may not buy any playground equipment at all for their home, except for the cheapest hopscotch panel item. (also restricted by Descendant of Da Vinci)
    • Children may not play submarine in the tub.
    • Children may not "go for a joy ride" on the sofa.
    • Children may not play pretend.
    • Teens may not choose to pull pranks.
    • Adult and Teen sims may not read children to sleep.
    • Sims may not use the slip n slide (also restricted by The Amazing Naturalist)
    • Children may not use the dress up trunk
    • Adults may not Woohoo in the shower, the tree house or other odd places. They can only woohoo in bed (they have to watch after the kids and don't have the freedom for all those imaginative places)
    • Adults may not leave on the "free" vacation (also restricted by Military, Politics and Law Enforcement - International Super Spy)
    • The stroller may not be used at all.
    • Sims may not use The Claw interaction with their toddlers.
    • Teen sims may not break curfew at all.
    • Sims may not ask about Alma Mater.
  • PETS

Once a genius in early childhood development arises in the family, becoming a Daycare Specialist of great renown , all Day Care restrictions are lifted. The children of the neighborhood REJOICE!!

NOTE: The Daycare self employment profession only goes up to level 5.

NOTE: All Day Care restrictions are activities and interactions unique to the Generations expansion pack. If you do not own Generations, you may entirely ignore this category. There won't be a non-Generations way of fulfilling this career. Day Care breaks new ground and doesn't affect any really universal rules that aren't already covered by another restriction, therefore it doesn't need a base game applicable clearing method.

Descendant of DaVinciEdit

Prerequisites - Ambitions Expansion and Business

“'Art is never finished, only abandoned.” Leonardo DaVinci

With survival on everybody’s mind, the arts have virtually disappeared overnight. People are more worried about finding their next meal than they are attending a concert in the park or buying art.

To lift this restriction, a Sim in the bloodline must achieve level 10 in painting, sculpting and inventing skills, paint one masterpiece, sculpt one masterpiece and discover all the inventions except the robot.


  • BASE GAME - Master Painter alternate rules
    • Prerequisites - None
    • “Imagination is more important than knowledge.” - Albert Einstein
    • With Survival on everybody's mind, the arts have virtually ceased to exist. People are more worried about finding their next meal than they are about attending art showings or buying sculptures.
      • All Descendant of Da Vinci restrictions are placed into this alternate category.
      • Master the painting skill
      • Paint 10 portraits of other sims NOT in the family (portraits, not still lifes - requires level 7 painting) of Brilliant quality or better
      • Paint a portrait of each living family member
      • Produce FIVE masterpieces during this sim's life.
      • Produce a self portrait (can be still life) of this sim that is one of the Masterpieces.
    • Once an amazingly talented and prolific painter is produced from the family, a wave of culture is set off and the joy and pleasure of artistic endeavors returns to people’s minds. The Master Painter restriction is lifted.
    • No items from the “Wall hanging”, “Sculpture” or “Rugs” tabs may be bought.
    • The drafting table may not be purchased unless the Architecture restriction has been cleared.
    • The family may have ONE book case, ONE radio, ONE easel, ONE Sculptor's deck, ONE Inventor's bench, ONE acoustic guitar and ONE chess table as skill building items. If Athletics has been cleared, the family may have ONE of either the bench press OR the treadmill, but not both.
      • ALL sims in the household may use the book case, boom box, easel, chess table and athletic equipment if it's restriction has been lifted
      • ONLY sims in the Music career may use the guitar
      • ONLY sims attempting to lift Da Vinci restrictions may use the sculptor's deck or inventor's bench.
    • Sims may not purchase toy boxes, doll houses, xylophones, the pegboards or the block table for their toddlers and children.
    • Sims MAY have a single stuffed bear for their children and toddlers.
    • Cameras may not be used.
    • Sims may not visit the Art Gallery.
    • Sims may not hang pictures they paint anywhere on the lot.
    • Sims may not display sculptures they have created anywhere on the lot.
    • Sims may not talk about art, sculptures or inventions.
    • Sims may produce toys with the work bench in order to skill up.
      • Toys produced by the "practice inventing" interaction on the Inventor's Bench must be immediately placed into family inventory or sold.
    • After discovering all the inventions that can be made, the sim in question may skill up by practicing making widgets.
    • Any Simbots you create MUST be turned out into the wild. They may not be moved into the household.
    • If science restrictions have been lifted, you may use the floor effusers, harvesters, miners and time machines you build. Otherwise, these items must be placed into your family inventory, never to be taken out again or sold.
    • Sims may not play on the playground, ride the playground horse or play in the sand. (also restricted by Day Care)
    • Sims may not buy any playground equipment at all for their home, except for the cheapest hopscotch panel item. (also restricted by Day Care)
  • PETS
    • Sims may not purchase Extra Creative, Never Dull, or Efficient Inventor lifetime rewards.

Once a great artist,sculptor and inventor is produced from the family, a wave of culture is set off and art and music return to people’s minds. The Artist restrictions are lifted.


Prerequisites - Ambitions Expansion

"Education makes a people easy to lead, but difficult to drive; easy to govern, but impossible to enslave." Omar Bradley

All the major school systems are in ruins. Education has all but gone from the region. All that remains is a small gathering of teachers in a safe house to teach younger Sims the basics. Until one dedicated teacher arises from the family to influence young minds to think beyond the carnage and despair, and imagine a better world.


    • Prerequisites - NONE
    • "We don't need no education..." Pink Floyd, Another Brick in The Wall (Part 2)
    • One sim in the family decides that the world needs more enlightenment, knowledge and purpose, so they set out to show the entire neighborhood it can be done. They not only become an accomplished painter and writer, they hone thier body and mind to their will and they master the art of tinkering, building their athletics and handiness skills to the highest level possible.
      • All Education restrictions are placed into this alternate category.
      • Master painting and paint 1 Brilliant painting
      • Master writing and sell 3 best sellers in Non Fiction
      • Master Athletics and complete the marathon, strength and cardio skill challenges (500 k running, 75 hours cardio and 60 hours strength training)
      • Master Handiness, upgrade 10 items, repair 10 electrical items and 10 plumbing items.
      • Reach level 3 in the Bookstore career.
    • Your books on education, School for Teen Sims, Educational Paradigms for a Post Apocalyptic World and Adult Educational Opportunities are such monumental works that sims around the region are determined to learn and grow with education. High schools are rebuilt, grade schools are upgraded and community enrichment classes are established for sims young and old. You have lifted the Education restrictions.
    • (Note:Access the in game Skill Journal for information on achieving in game challenges under Handiness and Athletics skills)
    • Sim teenagers may not attend school at all.
    • Sim children must attend school as normal. They haven't given us a home schooling option yet, unfortunately.
    • Sims may not teach other Sims skills or tutor children. EXCEPT for older sims teaching toddlers to walk, talk and use the potty.
    • Teen and Adult sims may not read the toddler skill books to toddlers.
      • Toddlers MAY read these skill books themselves if they are left on the floor for the tyke to pick up.
    • Older sims may not read younger sims to sleep with skill books (also restricted by Day Care)
    • You may not change your sim's lifetime wish in any way via reward points.
    • Traits must be chosen using the random selection button at each age transition where it is offered.
    • Child sims may not do homework at home. They must do it at school by choosing the "Work on Late Homework" option.
    • Child sims must pass up all opportunities related to school (no interviewing the grocer, making friends with another child or cleaning the bug cages).
    • Sims may not take any skill classes at rabbit holes in town.
      • The one exception is for sims attempting to clear The Amazing Naturalist. Since they must have a 10 skill in fishing before they are allowed to GO fishing, and you cannot gain the first skill point by watching the fishing channel, they are allowed to take the fishing class at the grocery store. The old codger who runs the place takes them into the back room, gives them a can of old marshmallows and a rusty Sim-Co rod and reel, and then proceeds to tell them fish tales until the sim in question gets an idea of what they need to do.
      • Sims are NOT allowed to get a garden skill point in the same way since they can read the books and skill that way.
  • PETS
    • Pets may not be trained at all
    • Sims may not purchase Fast Learner lifetime reward.

The Sim who becomes an Education Minister rebuilds the region’s educational system, and even restores the old college back to its former glory. The Education restrictions are lifted.


Prerequisites - Ambitions Expansion, Law Enforcement - Dynamic DNA Profiler, Military

"Burn baby burn, disco inferno!"

With no trained fire fighters the town is always living on the edge of a new disaster, with untrained sims dying to thoroughly preventable accidents.


  • BASE GAME - Volunteer Emergency Technician Alternate Rules
    • Prerequisites - Law Enforcement - Dynamic DNA Profiler, Military
    • "Laugh all you want, but when the zombies come we both know whose house you will be running to for protection." unknown
    • Your sim has a great sense of their civic duty and they are appalled at the deplorable lack of services in the community. They take it upon themselves to organise a volunteer crew to manage such things as kittens stuck in trees, escorting pregnant women to the hospital to have their babies and even putting out fires.
      • All Fire Fighter restrictions are placed in this alternate category.
      • Master Athletics, Charisma, Handiness, and Logic.
      • Reach level 3 in the Mausoleum career (part time job).
      • Reach level 5 in the Medical career.
      • Reach level 5 in the Politics career.
        • You may quit your first job once the required level has been reached in order to get the second job, even ifLife of Crime- Master Thief restrictions have not been cleared.
    • Once a Volunteer sim has arisen in the family, they convince City Hall to institute a full time Fire Brigade for the town. You have successfully lifted the Volunteer Emergency Technician restrictions.
    • Sims may not purchase fire alarms.
    • Sims may not call the fire department for any reason.
  • PETS
    • Sims may not purchase the Fireproof Homestead Lifetime Reward.

Once a Fire Fighting Hero from the family rises to lead the community in restoring fire hydrants and alarms, the community rejoices. Singed sims across the land are weeping for joy. The Fire Fighter restrictions are lifted and sims can now buy smoke alarms and call the restored fire department, even if the Science restriction has not been lifted.


Prerequisites - Late Night Expansion, Film - Director, Military

"I'm so BORED. There's nothing to do!"

With no cheap mass entertainment, sims lack inspiration for parties and run out of conversation topics with large groups. Children, in particular, are difficult to keep motivated.


  • BASE GAME - The Great Performer Alternate Rules
    • Prerequisites - Business, Military, Journalism, Music - Rock Star
    • "Lift me, won't you lift me, above the old routine. Make it nice, play it clean, Jazzman." Carol King, Jazzman
    • Your sim loves music and playing it front of other people. They know how to work the crowd and get them to respond. But the strictures of the music industry just did not suit them at all. Mostly it was because your sim couldn't stand the talent ages and spoiled divas they had to work with. They decided to make it big on their own, without all the rubbing shoulders with celebrities in the biz and listening to yes men.
      • All Film - Actor restrictions are placed into this alternate category.
      • Master Charisma, Guitar, and Writing skills.
      • Learn all the songs available from the book store.
      • Reach level 5 in the Business career.
      • Reach level 5 in the Music career.
        • You may quit your first job once you reach the required level to gain a job in the second career, even ifCriminal - Master Thief restrictions have not been cleared.
      • Earn $20,000 in tips from playing on community lots around town.
    • They call you the music machine and you have captured the imaginations of the masses. But you want more. You want your face on their television sets, bringing them music and mirth every Thursday evening at 7pm. You want to produce your own Music and Variety show! It takes some wheeling and dealing, and rubbing shoulders with those same record execs and talent agents and divas, but you bring your proposal before the head of the local television station and convince him that "The Sims Got Talent" will bring in more revenue that the station can shake a stick at. You have successfully lifted The Great Performer restrictions.
    • Sims may not learn any songs on foreign adventures.
    • Sims may not throw parties of any kind.
      • Note that they may attend parties thrown by resident townies, as Film - Director has been lifted.
    • Children and Teenage sims may not build skill with objects that do not also raise fun.
      • They may be directed to clean, repair, cook, pay bills, etc.
      • They may use objects that can raise fun even if the skill building does not; for example, they may use the computer to build Writing, because a computer can raise fun even though using it to build Writing does not.
    • Sims may not sing. Autonomous singing in the shower is permitted.
    • No item from the Party tab or Recreation tab may be purchased or used, including the buffet table and any of the juice bars.
      • The Birthday Inferno birthday cake is allowed if Culinary has been lifted.
      • The Fuzzy Logic Picnic Basket is allowed if Culinary has been lifted.
    • Sims with televisions are limited to the Work Out channel, Cookin' Cable, the Fishing channel, and Got Garden.
    • Sims may not "Read Something", unless it is a novel that has been published by someone in the family, a skill book, or a book received as part of a career opportunity. (Also restricted by Journalism).
    • Sims may not tour the theater.
    • Sims may not go to a movie at the theater.
    • Sims may not play instruments at parties or at clubs.
    • Sims may not "form group" with other sims.
      • Note that if this happens just by inviting a sim over to your house, you do not need to disband the group. But you may not explicitly form such groups.
  • PETS
    • Sims may not purchase Above Reproach or Clean Slate Lifetime Rewards (both also restricted by Film - Director).

Your Sim takes a bow at the Simcademy Awards Festival. They have worked long and hard to produce a body of collaborative work to entertain the masses. Now they are a household name, and the moves and shows they have starred in are being played on television almost nightly. Sims everywhere are able to relax and enjoy themselves together in front of the television after work at last! All Film - Actor restrictions are lifted.


Prerequisites - Late Night Expansion, Military

"More Benny Hill reruns? Again?"

With no skilled movie makers the television channels are mostly just the test pattern and old reruns, and the few famous stars jealously guard their fame.


  • BASE GAME - The Entrepreneurial Entertainer Alternate Rules
    • Prerequisites - The Great Performer
    • "Live for today, plan for tomorrow ... PARTY TONIGHT!!"
    • Your sim misses parties and get-togethers more than they can say. They think it's a shame that sims don't gather anymore to celebrate with each other. Deciding that this is just a matter of no one really knowing how to throw a party, your sim decides to create their own Catering and Entertainment Consultation firm and show the neighbourhood a really good time.
      • Only Sims attempting to lift this restriction may throw parties.
      • No one from the household may attend parties in the neighbourhood until this restriction is lifted.
      • All Film - Director restrictions are placed in this alternate category.
      • Master Charisma, Cooking, Guitar, and Painting skills.
      • Learn all the available recipes at the book store.
      • Reach level 5 in the Business career.
      • Reach level 5 in the Culinary career.
        • You may quit your first job once the required level has been reached in order to get the second job, even ifCriminal - Master Thief restrictions have not been cleared.
      • Throw 5 different kinds of parties that are major successes.
    • Your sim's parties are the talk of the town! You have shown everyone that they can put the past behind them and celebrate every event in life with food, fun, and friends. You have successfully lifted The Entrepreneurial Entertainer restrictions.
    • Sims may not attend parties thrown by resident townies.
    • Sims may only watch TV between the hours of 5pm and midnight on weeknights. They may watch all day long on Saturday or Sunday.
    • Sims may not discuss their favorite TV shows.
    • Sims may not go to plays at the theater.
    • Sims may not hold autograph sessions or sign autographs.
    • Sims may not pursue celebrity status through pop up opportunities or challenges.
    • Sims may not schmooze celebrity sims or try to impress them.
    • Sims may not "draw attention" of the paparazzi.
  • PETS
    • Sims may not purchase Above Reproach, Clean Slate, or Complimentary Entertainment Lifetime Rewards.

Your sim has become the next Francis Ford Simcopla. Their production of "Bridging the Apocalypse", featuring an all star cast and a musical score that brought audiences to weep in their sleep has allowed sims the joy of movies and the theater once again. Somehow, to see the struggles people had right after the Apocalypse portrayed on the big screen with all the digital special effects and suspenseful screen writing brought it all home to them. As a culture they can move on with their collective lives. The Film - Director restrictions have been lifted.

Fortune Teller - MysticEdit

Prerequisites - Supernatural Expansion

“Brains, BRAINS, BRains, brains, BRAINS.BRaiNS, brains, Brains, BRAINS, BRains, brains, BRAINS. BRAINS, BRains, brains, BRAINS, brains.” ― Ryan Mecum

Back Story Flavor Test


  • PETS

Entertaining story about what happens when the restriction is lifted

Fortune Teller - Scam ArtistEdit

Prerequisites - Supernatural Expansion

'“One death is a tragedy. 1,000 deaths are a statistic. Stop bothering me before you become a statistic” –The Grim Reaper

With the death toll in the thousands, the grim reaper has been pulling long shifts. He is so tired of hearing pleas he has stopped bargaining for the dead. The whole region has become haunted with angry spirits. Your sims have been overwhelmed by the restless spirits rattling pans and eating all the food in the fridge. Some might try to take the hauntings on head on and become a ghost hunter. Others, seeing a quick profit to be had from frightened people, choose to pass themselves off as spirtual seers, even though they might not entirely believe in the supernatural realms. Still others have great empathy for the dead and desire to see them finally laid peacefully to rest. Any way you slice it, something MUST be done to sooth the fears in the community and calm all the paranormal activity that has been keeping the populace up all night.


  • BASE GAME - Paranormal Sojourner Alternate Rules
    • Prerequisites - NONE
    • " I see dead people....All the time. They're everywhere." Coal Sear - The Sixth Sense
    • One sim, one very special sim, can see what others only fear to gaze upon - the spirits of their own ancestors. They are not afraid of these apparitions and they realize these embodiments of a former life are only seeking true and eternal rest. With compassion on one hand and bravery on the other, this sim sets about to convince the local authorities to allocate land for a proper graveyard and convince them that the dead need to buried with the proper rituals and fanfare to sooth them on their way.
      • All Fortune Teller - Scam Artist restrictions AND applicable Ghost Hunter Alternate rules are placed in this alternate category
      • Only the sim attempting to lift the Paranormal restrictions may interact with ghosts.
      • Reach level 10 of Writing
      • Reach level 10 of Logic
      • Write 3 best sellers in the DRAMA Category
      • Beat a Ghost 3 times at chess
      • Befriend 3 Ghosts
      • Reach level 3 of the part time Mausoleum Career
    • Once a Sim from the household gains 100% relationship (full green bar) with three ghosts on the family lot, they begin to perform rituals to calm down the angry spirits. With the spirits of the dead calmed, the reaper can take a much needed vacation. The Paranormal restriction is lifted. In addition, you do not have to sell and replace beds for the Evil (Criminal) restriction - or otherwise pay protection on them, as your Sim has convinced the mob that doing so will anger the spirits. Graves may be moved to any spot on the lot, even if the Political restriction has not been lifted. The special police of the mayor do not dare interrupt funeral rituals; funerals with many guests, regardless of relationship may now be held for lost loved ones.
  • AMBITIONS - Ghost Hunter Alternate Rules
    • Prerequisites - Ambitions Expansion
    • "Generally you don't see that kind of behavior in a major appliance." Dr. Peter Venkman, Ghostbusters
    • The spirits are angry and everyone is afraid of them. No one can approach a ghost. Not even the beloved spirits of their own grandparents are safe to be in the same room with. No one understands why there is so much protoplastic angst, but it has turned the town upside down in fear. But there is one sim, from your family, who refuses to be cowed by these etherials hooligans. This sim sets out to quell the rising tide of otherworldly rebellion once and for all.
      • All Fortune Teller - Scam Artist restrictions are placed in this alternate category
      • Spirits may not be released.
      • Any sim who is in the ghost hunter career MUST sell spirits before they return home from work.
      • Ghost Sims may not be ressurected at the Science Facility.
    • Once a sim reaches level 10 in the Ghost Hunter profession, they capture the spirit of the Ancestral Sim, an ancient ghost who has been disturbed by the cataclysm. It was this spirit that stored up all the protoplasmic energy and drove all the other ghosts insane with it's unrestrained power. Your intrepid sim mediates between the Grim Reaper and the Ancestral Sim to forge a truce that sooth all the wayward and angry ghosts about town. Ghost Hunter has been lifted.

  • PETS
    • If you have a sim in the Ghost Hunter profession who is NOT clearing this category, they are still bound by the Ghost Hunter specific rules.
    • Sims may not plead with the Grim Reaper
    • Sims may not have death flowers in their inventory.
    • Sims may not keep life fruit or elixirs that extend life span in their inventories, nor may they store them in their refrigerators or cook with life fruit. They must remove any such items from their inventories right away. If the business restriction has been cleared, they may sell them. Otherwise, they need to go into family inventory or a foreign storage trunk or be stored under the house's foundation or in a blocked off room in the basement.
    • Sims may not catch the deathfish. They cannot even fish where a deathfish might spawn.
    • A family Sim’s grave or urn may not be moved from where it originally appears. It may NOT be moved to the grave yard
    • Sims ARE ALLOWED to manage the dead at the museum to place townie graves in the grave yard if Military has been cleared.
    • Graves and urns may not be sold, even if a sim has smashed them.
    • Graves and urns may not be placed into inventory.
    • Only sims in attempting Paranormal Sojourner, the Ghost Hunter profession OR the Fortune Teller - Scam Artist career may perform social interactions with ghosts or the grim reaper.
    • Sims may not take a tour of or explore the Catacombs at the mausoleum.
    • Sims may not mourn at graves or hold funerals.
    • Only Sims in the Fortune Teller career may give psychic readings
    • Sims may not purchase the Moodlet Manager, Change of Taste, Change Lifetime Wish or Mid-Life Crisis lifetime rewards.

Once a sim from the household has reached the pinnacle of ghost hunting or become an accomplished fortune telling scam artist, they begin to perform rituals to calm down the angry spirits. With the spirits of the dead calmed, the reaper can take a much needed vacation and is much more willing to bargain with Sims upon his return. The Paranormal Profiteer restrictions are lifted. In addition, you do not have to sell and replace beds for the Life of Crime restriction any longer, as the cult leader has convinced the mob that doing so will anger the spirits. Graves may be moved to any spot on the lot, even if the political restriction has not been lifted. The special police of the mayor does not dare interrupt the cult’s funeral rituals.


Prerequisites - None

"The power of the written word can move armies, quell rebellion and stir imaginations for a life time." unknown

The presses went silent the day of the great devastation. Sims everywhere have been without solid news ever since the great bubble burst and rumors run rampant, doing more harm than good to the recovery efforts. A sim in the family decides enough is enough. The truth is out there and they WILL find it, one way or another, and they will make sure that truth is broadcast far and wide to a population dying for it.


    • When Sims use the paper to Look for Job, they may only select the first of the three jobs that appears in the paper that day. The 2nd and 3rd jobs may not be taken.
      • If Criminal - Master Thief is NOT cleared yet, sims in the household are still restricted to the first job available either by computer, newspaper or random determination of the remaining restrictions.
      • If Science is cleared, sims may look on the computer.
      • If Military is cleared, sims may walk to the job lot to get their job
    • The paper may not be used at all for any other purpose other than finding a job or recycling.
    • The only books that may be read are skill books, books written by family sims and books received as material for Job Opportunities. If your sim gets a book from a shelf that is NOT one of the above you must cancel the action. I find it easiest to just delete the 2 or 3 novels that come with a bookshelf and only put skill books, opportunity books and family written novels there.
    • If a sim who has been moved into the family has a non-skill book, or non-career related book in their inventory, it must be sold immediately as part of the resources brought in by the arriving spouse.
    • Sims may not use the Library except to read skill books. Nor may they read anything but skill books at other community lots.
    • Sims may not purchase books from the book store except on day 1 of the challenge when they are allowed to purchase any skill books they desire.
  • PETS
    • Film - Director sims may not write screenplays
    • Sims may not purchase Bookstore Bargainer or Acclaimed Author lifetime rewards.

Once a Star News Anchor arises from the family and reports on the shocking lack of the written word in the world, expounding upon the effect this has had on students both young and old, a new push for literature is made in the land. Books of all kinds are suddenly in great demand and your sims realize there are a world of books to be explored and written. The journalism restrictions are lifted.


Prerequisites - NONE

"Go ahead and call for help, nobody will listen."

The local police and fire departments are in shambles and unable to do their job. A strong air of anarchy and lawlessness has swept the region. Violent gangs of anarchists prey on the old and weak.


    • Your sims may not purchase burglar alarms or fire alarms.
    • Your sims may not use the "Emergency" tab on the phones.
    • Your sims may not choose "Call Police" during a robbery if they happen to click on themselves.
    • Your sims may not choose "Call Fire Department" if they happen to click on themselves during a fire.
    • Child sims may only leave the lot for school. They must come home immediately after school and may not stay to tend to bug cages or other opportunities. They may also not go over to friends' houses after school.
    • Teenage and Elder sims that have less than 10 Athletics may not leave the lot for any reason, including going to work or community lots.
      • Teenage sims can go to High School without penalty if Education restrictions are lifted.
      • Elder sims may move out of the household regardless of their Athletics skill if Comforting Children and Militaryrestrictions are lifted.
    • Your sims may not call the police to look for runaway teens.
    • Your sims may not take a job as a Fire Fighter or use the alternate rules to clear the fire fighting restrictions (emergency services are in shambles, remember?)
  • PETS
    • Your sims may not purchase Carefree, Inappropriate But In A Good Way, Meditative Trance Sleep, or Observant Lifetime Wishes.

Once an honest and steadfast Cop from the family emerges and powers their way to the head of the Forensic department, they can clean up the streets and restore order, allowing police and fire fighters to once again help people. The Law Enforcement - Dynamic DNA Profiler restrictions are lifted. The burglar alarm may be purchased and used, even if the Science restriction has not been lifted.

Law Enforcement - International Super SpyEdit

Prerequisites - NONE

"Trust no one."

The entire region is devastated. Zombies, bandits, motorcycle gangs, and even fans of Master of Orion 3 roam the land, mercilessly taking from those that try to rebuild. Locked behind closed doors and barred windows, many pray that the evils roaming the wastes never find them. When something starts banging at the door and eerie shadows loom through windows, terror grips the heart. Is that a call for help? Is someone begging for their life, hoping, praying that someone will save them? Or worse - could it be a group of bandits, waiting for someone to unlock their door so they can break in and take whatever they please? Everyone's afraid of what's waiting for them outside.

Sims have no choice but to make do with the limited goods provided by the only trusted supplier in the region. People sit and hope, waiting for the day when they can trust again. No one asks questions and no one exchanges packages. Sims do not venture from their homes without an escort, except to go to work or school.


    • Sims may not play games on the computer, nor may they play video games on the TV or with the virtual reality helmet.
    • Sims who are not friends with a member of the household may not enter the house.
    • Proposals to move in may only be offered by the sim who is in love and will produce the next generation with the new household member.
    • Sims may not chat online, surf the internet, blog, or make forum posts.
    • Sims may not hire or socialise with Service Sims (like the mail carrier, the butler, the maid, etc).
    • Sims may not visit most community lots or go out into the greater neighbourhood alone - they must take a friend or family member along using the "go with" interaction - except for going to perform their job.
      • If your sim has jobs to perform in the community, such as a doctor holding a vaccination clinic, a Film - Director scoping out filming locations, a Fire Fighter going to a burning building, etc. - you may only do these things onceMilitary is lifted.
      • You may wander your immediate vicinity without an escort. You are restricted to your own street within 5 houses in direct line of sight to yours on either side of you (on the same side of the street and on the opposite side of the street), or to the nearest cross walk - whichever is closer. You can't go insie other people's homes unless you are friends with them until Law Enforcement - Dynamic DNA Profiler is cleared, and you can only visit their lots between the hours of 7am and 5pm.
      • If neighbourhood sims have stuff outside (living in a tent with all their stuff on the lawn), you can interact with the stuff to do things like repair broken items or upgrade them, play chess, paint, even write a novel. But it all has to be done in accordance with whatever restrictions remain in place and within the time restriction - so you really have to watch the clock.
      • Children, teenagers, and elders with less than 10 Athletics are still restricted to staying only on the home lot ifLaw Enforcement - Dynamic DNA Profiler has not been cleared.
      • If there is a community lot within the above boundaries, you are allowed to visit it even if Military has not been cleared, within the time restriction and without an escort, though your actions there are still restricted by whatever other challenge rules still remain in place (eg no eating if Culinary has not been lifted, no talking to paparazzi, child and teen sims cannot visit unless Law Enforcement - Dynamic DNA Profiler cleared, etc).
    • Sims from the household may only leave the home lot between the game hours of 7am and 5pm except to travel to and from work or work related opportunties that take place at a rabbit hole venue. They may not visit other sims' houses or go to community lots to socialise with other sims outside these hours.
    • Sims may only be invited to come to visit during daylight hours, and they must leave the home lot by midnight.
    • Sims may not travel abroad for adventures (also restricted by Military, Music - Symphonic, and Politics).
    • Sims may not learn the Nectar making skill.
    • Sims may not purchase the fortune cookie factory or make fortune cookies on community lots.
    • Sims may not purchase a Gnubb set or play Gnubb.
    • Paparazzi cannot always be kept out of the house, even if they are not friends. You do not fail the challenge if paparazzi enter the house, but you may not socialise with them at all.
  • PETS
    • Sims may not purchase the Collection Helper (also restricted by Alien Technology), Jetsetter, Learned Relic Hunter, or Prepared Traveller Lifetime Rewards.

Out of the shadows shines a light. While they work in secretive and mysterious ways, the recently re-instated SCIA brings trust back into everyday living. With thoroughly checked out agents filling the ranks, operatives are sent out to clearly distinguish friend from foe. Information travels quickly and soon everyone knows who is trustworthy and who is not.

As the paranoia fades, a sense of community blossoms. Sims ask questions of their neighbours to learn about them. Gifts are no longer looked upon with suspicion. No longer paralysed with worries about bandits and looters, Sims find ways to furnish their homes more comfortably. The Law Enforcement - International Super Spy restrictions are lifted.


Prerequisites - None

“It’s the dark ages once again.”

The plumbing has been severely damaged in the region. Water brought to the house is dirty and unsanitary. To make things worse, local drug stores have been cleaned out by looters.


    • Sims may not go to the hospital to receive medical advice.
    • Showers and bathtubs of all types may not be purchased or used at home or on a "community lot.
    • Dish washers may not be purchased or used.
    • Pools may not be built or used.
    • Sprinklers may not be used.
    • Whenever Sims woohoo, they MUST choose “Try for baby” If ‘try for baby’ is not an option, they may not woohoo. (Unless the sim is already pregnant, too old to get pregnant or the two Sims woohooing are the same gender).
    • Sims may not use laundry facilities. What fresh water remains available is too precious to waste on clothes.
    • Doctor sims may not conduct health clinics, try experimental procedures or give medical advice.
    • You MUST have a hamper on the lot
    • Sims may not purchase or use hot tubs of any kind
    • Sims may not purchase a cure for vampirism (both Medical and Science must be cleared for that)
  • PETS
    • Sims may not purchase Steel Bladder, Fertility Treatment, Speedy Cleaner or Dirt Defiant lifetime rewards.

Once a leader in the medical field emerges from the family, they lead the Green Cross restoration effort. This restores clean running water to the region and brings supplies of medicine and contraceptives to the people who need it. The medical restrictions are lifted.

Music - Rock StarEdit

Prerequisites - None

“Wanna see my picture on the cover (Stone) Wanna buy five copies for my mother (Yes) (Stone) Wanna see my smilin' face on the cover of the Rollin' Stone'” Dr. Hook

Amongst the toxic ash and hoards of zombies lies a region of despair. Sims are not able to psychologically calm themselves enough to meditate. They are constantly off balance: either anxious or apathetic. Rhythm is lost to them and nobody even considers tapping their foot or humming, let alone playing a piano or a bass guitar. Stores containing stereo equipment have been cleared out by looters or destroyed in the wreckage. All dance and music left the region when the famous rock bands fled.


    • The ONLY instrument that may be purchased is the acoustic guitar
    • Sims may not sign autographs or hold autograph sessions.
    • Sims may not attend concerts.
    • Sims may not perform music for other sims in public
    • The extra songs may not be purchased from the book store for any instrument.
    • Sims may not choose to sing or learn songs. If a sim autonomously sings, don't worry about it, but the option cannot be chosen.
    • EXCEPT for sims in the Music career attempting to lift this restriction, no sims may play or learn the guitar skill.
    • Sims may not dance at all.
    • Sims may not meditate
    • Sims may not form bands or perform in public (parties or lounges), or even at the park
    • Dance floors may not be purchased.
    • Club lighting and effects machines may not be purchased.
    • Sims may not go to bars, lounges or clubs.
    • No one may learn the Bass, Piano or Drums.
  • PETS
    • Sims may not purchase Complimentary Entertainment lifetime reward.

Once a talented rock star rises in the family, and walks into a crowd of survivors, it took only a solid, steady beat and the thrum of their guitar. The crowd started swaying in rhythm to the music as the rock and roll legend screams out the defiant lyrics of a song meant to raise the masses. A mighty mosh pit of swaying, dancing sims filled the street. Having worked out their fears and pent up frustrations in the primal dance, sims now have a clear mind able to concentrate on learning musical scores for many instruments. They are also able to meditate once again.

Music - SymphonicEdit

Prerequisites - None

The skies are dark and packed with clouds No more concerts, no more crowds The land sleeps in a blanket of snow Waiting for the start of the show All that's missing is the lead For the land to wake and take heed Blast Mother Nature’s eardrums out Show grandfather winter what you're about Make the existence look and nod To the emergence of the Symphonic God

The celestial music has stopped. Clouds cover the sky yet nothing but toxic ash rains down upon the land. Sims despair of ever seeing the symphony of a babbling brook or the chimes of insects whirring as they move from flower to flower ever again. On sim, however, still hears the music, deep in their soul, and they set out to release it in all it's power and glory.


    • Items may not be placed outdoors. Everything must be covered by a roof or awning of some sort.
    • Delivered items (newspapers, bills etc) do not count for this restriction.
    • Cars are a noted exception. They can survive the rigors of the outdoors.
    • Bicycles MUST be under a roof since they are not as durable as cars.
    • Pools (and trees) do not need to be covered because they are more of a terrain feature.
    • Sims cannot garden or go fishing. The land and the waters are all dormant.
    • You may not purchase or use Solar Panels or the Windmill (also restricted by Science).
    • Sims may not use telescopes (too cloudy to see anything).
    • Sims may not go on International Adventures because the weather is too rough to permit flight.
  • PETS
    • Wishes may not be promised

With a mighty chord and a mighty roar The icy grasp of winter is no more

All of the Music restrictions are lifted when your sim braves the elements and the zombies and puts on a one man show. The very elements seem to react to the thunderous booms of synthesized kettle drums and the crash of cymbals. In an amazing display, the heavens open up and the toxic ash is washed out of the sky by torrents of rain that cleanse the air.


Prerequisites - None

“Democracy is said to be the worst form of government, except for all the others that have been tried.”-Winston Churchil

The political scene is a mess, more so than it normally is. Local officials are haggling over how and when supplies are sent to the region, while the citizens suffer. Corruption is rampant and waste is constant. The mayor has restricted the supply of building materials in an effort “conserve” them. Harsh and unreasonable property laws have been enacted. What is left of the police force seems oddly motivated to enforce this building law in particular while turning a blind eye to the looting and anarchy.


    • Sims’ houses may not occupy any larger than an 8X8 area, the rest of the lot must be unused.
    • You may not place any items outside of this 8X8 area, nor modify tiles outside of it.
      • Ruined Community lots may have Buy mode and Build mode items spanning beyond the designated 8x8 building area.
      • If a Sim dies outside the 8x8 area, you can leave the tombstone where it is. If you do pick it up and move it, it has to be within the 8x8 area.
    • The trash can, mailbox, sidewalk tiles, delivered newspapers and bills do not count for this restriction. They don’t need to be in the 8X8 area.
    • The 8X8 area may be anywhere on the lot, but once designated may not be moved.
    • Sims may extend the house underground within the 8X8 area.
    • Sims may build upwards, as long as the higher floors do not hang outside the 8X8 area.
    • Sims may not own community lots. All the paper work and red tape in trying to register your ownership would take too long to file.
    • Sims may not go on international adventures. (all the political red tape with traveling abroad, you know)
  • PETS
    • Sims may not purchase Office Hero or No Bills Ever lifetime rewards.

Once a great political leader emerges from the family, they take over as Leader of the Free World. Political corruption is cleaned up. Building supplies from other parts of the country are shipped in and distributed to those who need it. The corrupt ‘building permit’ and 'property' laws are repealed. The prestige and notoriety gained by the family allows them to sway the actions of others, who see everybody from the family as a leader. International ties are re-established and travel again becomes possible to China, France and Egypt. The Political restrictions are lifted.

Private EyeEdit

Prerequisites - Ambitions Expansion and Military

“Here's what happened” Mr. Monk to Sgt. Stottlemier

All sorts of mayhem is going on. Food riots, zombie attacks, and a broken chain of command have taken their tole. Civilization barely hangs by a thread while murder and mayhem reign in the streets. Individuals sims are STRONGLY discouraged from going anywhere but to the police with their complaints. But those overworked civil servants just don't have time to chase after petty thieves right now. Will a stalwart sim arise in the family and bring order to chaos? We can only hope so!


  • BASE GAME - Jack of All Trades alternate rules
    • Prerequisites - Military, Criminal - Master Thief
    • When you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth." Sherlock Holmes
    • Your sim just can't seem to settle on one thing, and as a result they have become proficient in many different things. As such, they have some unique perspectives on what people do in their off time, and they watch all the time, what is happening in the town around them. They have even been known to hack into a few confidential files in order to know more about the folks they do odd jobs for.
      • All Private Eye restrictions are placed into this alternate category.
      • Reach career level 4 in Business, Politics, Law Enforcement, Criminal and Science
      • Reach skill level 5 in Handiness, Cooking, Logic, Body and Writing
      • Reach level 3 as a grocery store clerk
      • Reach level 3 as a book store clerk
      • Hack a total of $5000 on the computer
    • One day, everything blows up - figuratively. Your sim was working at the store, bagging groceries for the administrative assistant of the big Tycoon at the local office complex. She was talking about the shady dealings happening between her boss and the mayor. Your sim decided to dig up a little dirt and found out that these two characters are selling the town's bandwidth to the coach at the stadium in exchange for free tickets in to see the games. THAT is why no can make calls or use the computer most of the time! Your sim goes public with this information, posting it all over the blogosphere, taking all their evidence to the police. The Special Crimes unit conducts a SWAT style raid on the Mayor's office, the Business offices and the Stadium, arresting all three perpetrators in this selfish and damaging scam. Internet and phone services are restored to their normal functioning parameters for the residents of your town. Jack of All Trades restrictions are lifted.
    • Sims may not learn photography.
    • There is a severe shortage of computer bandwidth, and the telephone lines are having issues as well.Sims may not rummage in garbage cans.
      • Sims may only use the telephone for calling friends and acquaintances or for quitting work, even if science has been lifted.
      • Sims may only use the computer for looking for jobs and for writing, even if science has been cleared.
      • These restrictions are lifted on Mondays and Thursdays, when sims may call all day long, chat on the internet, troll forums (computer use is restricted by science), etc.
    • Sims may not rummage in garbage cans.
    • Sims may not look through the telescope during the day.
    • Sims may not write mystery novels or watch the mystery channel on TV.
    • Sims may not lock their doors or fences.
      • If culinary restrictions are still in place, the door to the pantry may still be locked (you may lock your refrigerator in a room)
    • Kleptomaniac sims may not choose to steal anything from other sims or properties nor can they return what they have stolen autonomously.
  • PETS
    • Sims may not purchase Long Distance Friend lifetime Reward.

Once a super-sleuth arises, they discover the shady dealings the Head Coach has had with the Mayor and a certain prominent business man. The Coach has been selling prime game tickets to the mayor and his business crony in exchange for all the bandwidth to televise sporting events and advertise for product endorsements for the team. This talented gum shoe figures out who has been doing what, where, with whom and why, and they take their information right to the head of the SBI (Sims Bureau of Investigation), who orders a SWAT team stake out and arrest of the three criminals. Once the red tape has been cleared, a new Mayor elected and all business dealings cleared away, the town's internet bandwidth and telephone services are restored.

Private Eye restrictions are lifted.


Prerequisites - None

“Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic”-Arthur C Clark

Without the flawless power grid and advanced electronics companies of modern day, the high tech gizmos that were once relied upon have slipped out of the population’s reach again. Technology has taken a step backwards.


    • Sims may not purchase and use automobiles or motorbikes at all. Sims MAY have a bicycle, however.
    • Sims may not purchase or use anything from the electronics category except for a single computer, a single phone, and a single inexpensive boom-box.
    • The cell phone in sims backpack inventories is a glorified walkie-talkie with multiple channels.
      • You can call other sims you are acquainted with (you have their ham radio call sign),
      • you can invite over sims you are good friends with or you have a romantic relationship with,
      • you can quit your job (if you are late for work or you turn elder before Comforting Children has been cleared).
    • The one computer you are allowed is nothing more than a glorified typewriter. You may only use the cheapest computer to write books or articles or practice writing. Sims may not work from home on it either. (If Sims autonomously play games just cancel the action)
    • You may not call the exterminator (also requires Business to hire Service Sim).
    • Sims may not Take Pictures with cameras or cell phones.
    • Sims may not purchase or use anything from the “Lights” category except for kerosene lanterns, candelabra or torches.
    • Sims may not purchase or use the trash compactor, electric guitar, washer or dryer.
    • Sims may not run through the sprinkler
    • Sims may not garden (a viable alternative to the toxic ash that passes for soil has not yet been found).
    • Sims may not go fishing (the water in the ocean, in lakes and in streams is still too toxic for sims to even approach)

    • Sims may not use the Inventor's Bench
    • Sims may not go on the Free Vacation because the instruments at the airports are non-functional.
  • PETS

Once a great scientist emerges from the family, the knowledge of known technologies is restored to the area, so the gizmos may be produced again. The power grid is repaired enough to use these gizmos and gadgets in the house. Even though science is back on track, no sim may create a Simbot except for the Descendant of DaVinci. But everything else is fair game.


Prerequisites - Ambitions Expansion and Military

“It’s the end of the world and you’re wearing THAT?”

Sims don’t care about personal appearance anymore. They would rather be fed and safe than pretty. Cosmetics, hair care supplies, and clothing stores have all been cleaned out by looters or destroyed. Nobody wants to spend any money to bring these items back to the region. As a result, Sims’s appearances have taken a turn for the worst, leading most to keep to themselves. Large gatherings, socials, brunches and parties have virtually disappeared. The social elite of the region have long since fled for greener pastures.


  • BASE GAME - The Stylish Sim alternate Rules
    • Prerequisites - Military, Criminal - Master Thief, Law Enforcement - Dynamic DNA Profiler
    • "Stacy London: [looking at a very small bikini top] Is that an outfit or a bathing suit?Makeover: It depends. Because you can wear the top under a jacket and then it's like "Surprise!""
    • Your sim has always had a very stylish flair for clothes and hair, even with so little to work with. They decide enough is enough, these sloppy sims MUST get pulled together!
      • All Stylist restrictions are placed into this alternate category.
      • On the first day of being a teenager, your sim must get a job at the Spa. They must hold employment at the spa for their entire life. They must start as a receptionist and then later on become a specialist. If they are FIRED for any reason, they cannot clear this restriction.
      • Reach level 3 as a Receptionist
      • Reach level 3 as a Specialist
      • Max Charisma with 20 Best Friends
      • Max Painting with 1 Masterpiece painting
      • Hold a funeral for this sim. The party must be a rousing success with the highest score.
      • You may hold this funeral party even if other restrictions prohibiting parties, gatherings or funerals have not been lifted.
    • Your sim, beloved by so many, worked hard all their life to bring more style to the sims of this town. They showed everyone that rags could be turned into riches with the right accessories, a good hair cut and a soothing facial. But no one really appreciated it until they hear the Eulogy delivered for this sim at their funeral. A great sweeping tide of emotion is followed by a determination to live what your sim lived their entire lives, and sims everywhere are now free to dress their best and do their hair. All Stylist restrictions are lifted.
    • Sims may not choose the “Go Here With..” interactions except for with immediate family members.
    • Sims may not choose the "group up with" action for any sim. If the game forces you into a group when you invite another sim over to your house, don't worry about it or leave the group (this is a bug, I believe, and you don't have control over it.).
    • Sims may only use the “Practice Speech” interaction on mirrors
    • Sims may only purchase one mirror for the entire household.
    • Sims may not use dressers to change their clothes or plan their outfits.
    • Sims may not chose "change outfit" by clicking on themselves.
    • Rich sims (the Diva and Mr. Big) may not be moved into the house for any reason.
    • Sims may not get Tattoos.
    • Sims may not purchase the tattoo bench
    • Sims may not purchase the stylist station.
  • PETS
    • Sims may not purchase the Legendary Host, Eye Candy or No Jealousy, Attractive lifetime rewards.

Once a sim from the house rises to fashionista, they unleash their show “Stylish eye for the zombie guy” on the world. The Sims of the region, seeing radiated zombies shambling around looking 10 times better than them, gain a renewed interest in appearances. The profits from the show are used to bring fresh supplies of cosmetics, hair care products and stylish clothing to the region. “Fallout wear” becomes a new trend across the country. Once Sims have bought their new threads and gotten all gussied up, they are once again confident enough to organize social gatherings and show off their new looks. Even some members of the social elite decide to return. All show business restrictions are lifted.

The Amazing NaturalistEdit

Prerequisites - Ambitions Expansion, Master Thief, Music-Symphonic,Military, Business and Science.

“Why do they call it nuclear winter? Because everything is dead. The snow you see is toxic ash.”

Any and all plant life in the region is dead. Nothing grows anymore. Natural and organic food is non-existent. With no plants to hold the soil together, the whole region is plagued with dust storms that block out the sun and whip across the land. Fish, the ones still left, are horridly mutated and weak. The survival of their species is in doubt.

NOTES: The sim attempting to lift this restriction must work gardening and fishing up to level 10 BEFORE they are allowed to garden OR fish, using books, the TV or classes at the Science Center and the Grocery Store. In order to lift this restriction, not only must the sim in question be level 10 in those two skills, they must also have a collection of 5 rare or ultra rare Beetles and/or Butterflies (there are 2 rares and 1 ultra rare of each in the base game), grow a perfect garden and present the perfect aquarium (as per the Lifetime Wants)

If Education is not cleared, you may only take the Fishing class. You cannot skill fishing on the TV without 1 point in the skill, but you can skill gardening up all the way with the books.

If Ambitions is owned, sims must reach level 10 as a self employed gardener OR as a self employed fisherman (ignore this if you don't own Ambitions or if you own Pets). Assume that the bugs, fish and vegetables are being sold to the science lab for experimental purposes.

If Pets is owned, see alternate clearing rules specifically for pets. These are in addition to the base rules.


    • EXCEPT for the sim attempting to lift this restriction, no sim may grow a garden.
    • EXCEPT for the sim attempting to lift this restriction, no sim may go fishing
    • EXCEPT for the sim attempting to lift this restriction, no sim may harvest any plants or collect any seeds from anywhere in the neighborhood
    • EXCEPT for the sim attempting to lift this restriction, no sim may collect bugs or butterflies.
    • EXCEPT for the sim attempting to lift this restriction, no sim may purchase or use the fish bowl or the large aquarium.
    • Sims may not stock ponds with fish.
    • You may not place any landscaping items (Flowers, bushes, trees)
    • You may not alter the ground color except to paint a darker mark on the corners of your lot so you can see where your boundaries are.
    • You may not buy or place any items from the “plants/trees/rocks/flowers" menu in build mode.
    • You may not place meteorites you have found anywhere on the ground, they may be placed on platforms or in basements or on pedestals, however.
    • You may not buy vases with flowers from the buy tab.
    • The Family house must be on a dirt or desert landscape.
    • Autumn Salad, Fruit Parfait and any other dish that requires vegetables or fruits may not be prepared, ordered at restaurants or bought pre-made.
    • Sims may not prepare, purchase from community lots or eat Sushi, Grilled Salmon, Lobster Thermidor or any other dish containing fish.
    • You may not shop for groceries at the local market.
    • You may not use the recycle bins.
    • Sims may not purchase or use water sprinklers. Family members MAY help the Naturalist sim water the garden, but they may not weed, or harvest.
    • Sims may not use the water tool from the landscaping menu.
    • Houses MUST be built on a foundation/deck and/or be built on pillars, or be built as a basement Ala fall out bunker. (You may still have objects on the ground, but walls may not be placed on the ground level)
    • Any sim MAY bring home seeds,fruits,vegetables, insect or mineral collectibles that they find in chests during adventures in China, France and Egypt
      • As soon as the sim returns home, they must put these collectibles into a chest that they are also allowed to purchase on adventure trips.
    • EXCEPT for the sim attempting to clear Naturalist, sims MAY NOT harvest fruits and vegetables or pick up any collectibles off the ground
    • Children and Teen sims may not may not play in or own tree houses (also restricted by Day Care)
    • Sims may not use the slip n slide (also restricted by Day Care)
    • You may not choose to give flowers to your romantic interest
    • Sims may not play in the sand or in sand boxes
  • PETS
    • Since Pets adds so many natural critters to the game, you will have to include a collection of them for this challenge. Taking care of just a few pets is a full time job, so you do NOT have to hold self employment in gardening or fishing, but you may if you wish. You also do NOT have to get to level 10 in the career should you choose to be self employed. You MUST have a horse, a dog and a cat as pets. As long as education has been cleared, you may train them. Otherwise, they must figure things out on their own . Your sim may start on their collecting early in life if you have determined this is what they are going to be when they grow up. The dog,cat and horse need to be befriended from strays or else descended from strays or wild stock that were befriended by the family in past generations.
    • You will need to collect 20 minerals,20 small pets,20 insects,20 Space Rocks, 20 perfect fish and 8 perfect plants(growing at one time), including the listed specimens. Gems must be cut and metals must be smelted. There are ample small animals included in Pets to make up your 20. There are 34 total space rocks to collect. There 20 gems + metals, exactly 20 insects, 14 non quest plants and 21 fish in the base game. You MAY NOT choose the option to "stock" your terrariums and bird cages - these animals must be found and befriended by you or hunted by your cat and brought back to you.
      • Metals --> Smelted Plutonium
      • Gemstones --> Heart Cut Pink Diamond
      • Rocks --> Unusual Dukedite, Unusual Llamatite,Unusual Mazzadrayte and Unusual Sporecite
      • Beetles --> Trilobite Beetle and Rainbow Beetle
      • Butterflies --> Zebra Butterfly and Rainbow Butterfly
      • Lizards --> Chameleon and Ancient Dragon
      • Turtles --> Pygmy Tortoise and Spiny Turtle
      • Snakes --> Scarlet King Snake and Iridescent Shieldtail Snake
      • Rodents --> Pygmy Hedgehog and Chinchilla
      • Birds --> Falcon, Spotted Sixam, Bluebird and Lilac Breasted Roller
      • Fish --> Tragic Clownfish, Vampire Fish, Robot Fish and Death Fish.
      • Plants --> Death Plant, Life Plant, Flame Fruit Plant, and Money Tree
    • EXCEPT for the sim attempting to lift this restriction, no sim may collect small pets, or train a cat to collect small pets or insects for them
    • EXCEPT for the sim attempting to lift this restriction, no sim may train their dog to hunt.
    • Your sim's family members ARE allowed to feed the pets and help take care of them - it becomes a huge job to feed and care for the animals after a while.
    • You may train the dog and the cat to hunt for you to help you with the collection of pets and minerals as long as education has been cleared.
      • If Da Vinci has NOT been cleared, you may buy the pet toy crate and take ONE cat toy from it. Then you MUST sell the crate. You may have no other pet toys.Only the sim lifting the restriction may order a pet to go hunt.
      • Pets may autonomously decide to hunt.
    • Fish will need to be placed into an aquarium immediately if you choose to keep them, since you don't store pets in chests or refrigerators, and you may not keep them in your inventory.. So you will need to strategize how best to manage your collection to accomplish your goals.
    • The collected animals, insects, birds and fish must be in their appropriate containers kept on the lot.
    • You may not hold animals in your inventory for very long (they escape if you hold them longer than 1 day) so as soon as you get them home, they must go in their respective containers.
    • You MAY get the larger aquarium for your fish collection if you choose, regardless of other restrictions still in place. You will need ample room for all these things.
    • The insects, metals and gems can be placed into display cases or placed on a table.
    • You may sell any insects, fish, animals, minerals and harvested fruits and vegetables that you are not keeping in collection (role play info - you are selling them to the science facility for their research).
    • The Pea Shooter may not be purchased or used
    • The gardening pots MAY be used if desired
    • All gardens must either be closed in by a fence with a gate locked to household only OR they must be grown in a court yard surrounded by the rest of the house.
      • this is to keep the zombies out of your vegetables.
    • Fairie Sims are further restricted thus
      • Fairies must grow one plant to perfection before they are allowed to add another plant to their garden. So if they start with a tomato, they must have a perfect tomato plant BEFORE they are allowed to grow a pepper plant, etc.
      • Fairies must grow EVERY plant available to them in game (base game + all installed expansions)
        • If travel restrictions are NOT lifted yet, then plants and seeds found in China, Egypt and France do not have to be grown
    • Gardens MUST be housed indoors either in an enclosed courtyard with a roof OR in a separate green house.
    • Sims may not purchase the Super Green Thumb lifetime reward.

Once a brilliant naturalist emerges from the family, they invent a serum that lets plants use toxic ash as fertilizer without making the plant itself toxic. With this serum in wide supply, the region begins to return to life. Food can actually be grown again and people can have lawns. With plants once again anchoring the soil, the raging dust storms cease and the sky can once again be seen. You have been able to bring many animal species back from the brink of extinction as well. Hardy as they are, these little critters have you to thank for a newly restored food chain. The brains at the Science Facility now call you Mr. or Ms. Charles Darsim. All natural science restrictions are lifted.

The Awesome PerformerEdit

Prerequisites - Showtime Expansion, Athletics, Film Actor, Music - Rock Star, Military, Business and Science.

"All the world's a stage, and all the men and women merely players: they have their exits and their entrances; and one man in his time plays many parts, his acts being seven ages." William Shakespeare, As You Like it Act 2, Scene 7

Sims are encouraged that they can now go to concerts and watch movies on TV. They begin to wonder where all these talented sims are found and how they are propelled to fame and fortune. Unfortunately, all the talent scouts left for greener pastures when the apocalypse started and haven't been back since. The only reason Rock Stars and Movie Stars have gotten their start is because their agents did a lot of phone and internet work for them on company time. If only there were a sim in the community who could get even ONE talent scout to come and watch all the performances by friends and neighbors. Just maybe the little guy could get a boost up into the lime light!


  • PETS
    • One sim in the family must reach level 10 in the Acrobat, Singer and Magician self employment careers.
    • No sim in the family may play at any live venues until all three careers are mastered
    • The careers must be mastered by skilling up the required skill (ie Athletics, Singing, etc) and by performing for tips on community lots.
    • No sims may be sent to another player's game to perform at their venues (also restricted byMilitary and Law Enforcement - International Super Spy )
    • Upon reaching level 10 in all 3 careers, you may build public performance venues or add a performance stage to existing Lounges, Bars and Clubs IF Architect has been cleared.

Once a sim has mastered all three performance careers, they persuade Simon Scowel to come to town and conduct try outs for his show, Sims Got Talent. Even though Simon is NOT impressed with how your sim looks, he is willing to watch your audition. Needless to say, you utterly blow Simon away with your performance and not only are you accepted on the show, He announces that YOUR TOWN will host the upcoming season of Sims Got Talent!!!! Congratulations, you have lifted The Awesome Performer restrictions and sims everywhere can follow their dreams!

NOTE: This category is EXCLUSIVELY for Showtime. There will not be a base game alternative for it. Also, expect some changes as I have a chance to do more testing in the Showtime expansion.