All base careers offer at least one restriction until they have been mastered, as do many expansion pack careers. For almost all expansion pack careers, the restrictions for a particular pack career have an alternate, required method of lifting the restrictions which should be implimented if an expansion is not installed.

The Sims 3Edit

  • Business restricts selling goods, hiring of services, and usage of raw materials.
  • Criminal, Evil Branch requires deduction from family funds on a weekly basis.
  • Criminal, Thief Branch restricts work and career attendance, performance, and availability.
  • Culinary restricts access to food and the preparation thereof.
  • Journalism restricts available interactions with newspapers and books.
  • Law Enforcement, Forensic Analyst restricts access to emergency services.
  • Law Enforcement, Special Agent restricts mobility within the neighborhood, coupled with the Military restrictions.
  • Medical restricts access to medical and hygiene devices.
  • Military restricts mobility within the neighborhood, coupled with the Special Agent restrictions.
  • Music, Rock Branch restricts celebrity actions and usage of musical instruments.
  • Music, Symphonic Branch restricts what objects may be placed outdoors and where they may be placed.
  • Political restricts the amount of area which may be utilized on the home lot.
  • Professional Sports restricts moving items and inventory contents.
  • Science restricts access to lighting, technology, and vehicles.

The Sims 3: AmbitionsEdit

  • Architectural Designer restricts usage of decoration, recoloring, and building.
  • Education restricts usage of the education system and other information sources.
  • Firefighter restricts access to firefighters, in addition the Forensic Analyst. The career cannot be joined unless the Professional Sports restriction has been lifted.
  • Ghost Hunter restricts how Sims engage with ghosts.
  • Investigator disallows photography and restricts access to information sources.
  • Stylist restricts individual style options and the implementation of group outings.

The Sims 3: Late NightEdit

The Sims 3: GenerationsEdit

  • Daycare restricts play activities for children, pranks for teens, and Woohoo options for adults.

The Sims 3: ShowtimeEdit

  • Acrobat is an alternate method for lifting the Acting Branch restrictions.
  • Magician is an alternate method for lifting the Directing Branch restrictions.
  • Singer does not lift a restriction.

The Sims 3: SupernaturalEdit

The Sims 3: University LifeEdit