Just a few links to other Sims 3 Sites. If you don't see a favorite site in here, send me an email with the link and I'll look it over :)

EA The Sims 3

Mod The Sims 3

Snooty Sims

The Appocalypse Challenge for Sims 2

Viper Valley (up to Ambitions)

Viper Valley Saved Game File

  • Adds Plumbob Pictures lot
  • Adds 50+ sims to the neighborhood
  • Adds 8 additional "Emergency Housing" lots

Sun Flats world by Doc Sproc

  • This world has quite a bit to recommend it as an apocalypse neighborhood, not the least of which is the great terrain painting :D

Ice Station by Rflong7

  • Ice world
  • Populated
  • Minimal builing, but at least 2 challenge lots available

Ice Station - unpopulated - by Rflong7

  • Same as Ice Station, only it is unpopulated and it appears to be void of most of the builds.