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Item Action Restricted By
Mirror Admire Self Stylist
Mirror Change Appearance Stylist
Mirror Practice Speech None
Mirror Gussy Up Stylist
Mirror Check Self Out Stylist
Radio Dance Music - Rock Star
Radio Turn On/Listen Music - Rock Star
Radio Work Out None
Radio Put Stereo in Inventory Can only have 3 items in inventory until Athletic lifted
Fridge Have Lunch Culinary
Fridge Serve Lunch One group meal per day until culinary
Fridge Have Quick Meal Sims who live alone, once a day until culinary
Fridge Eat Leftovers Culinary
Phone Throw Party Film - Actor
Phone Call for Services Buisness, Life of Criminal - Master Thief
Phone Travel Politics, Law Enforcement - International Super Spy, Business, Law Enforcement - Dynamic DNA Profiler
Phone Check Real Estate Buisness